Saturday, January 16, 2010

a quick getaway...

Images here are of work from a group show I'm currently participating in at Embiggen Books Gallery, Noosa. A recent post provided details on this wonderful venue on the Sunshine coast 2 hours from Brisbane. I was able to spend time with a number of friends yesterday in this great gallery/store. Finding out about the other artists was rewarding and browsing shelves laden with great titles from Science, philosophy, ecolgy to Art, design and literature kept us conversing with Warren Bonnett, the owner/director, for quite some time. All were very taken with the design and architectural details of the store, the brilliant range of contemporary titles. 

These are from Embiggen's Flickr site 
-below left is 'disperse I' , acrylic and ink on linen, 90 x 45 x 10 cm.

Group show at Embiggen Books by Mr Embiggen.
Lino-cuts on right : Geoff Stocks
Group show at Embiggen Books by Mr Embiggen.
Etchings on left: Warren Bonnett

'Coastal Reverie II' is the 120x 40 cm work on the wall - right. Ink and acrylic on linen.
On the left 3 small oval works - 'pod abstracts'  ink on canvas.
Group show at Embiggen Books by Mr Embiggen.Group show at Embiggen Books by Mr Embiggen.

 Group show at Embiggen Books by Mr Embiggen.
Paintings also by Isla Griffin
Ceramic vessels by Laura Ellis
Ceramic vessels by Laura Ellis by Mr Embiggen

Below: a series of images form the National Park Noosa, right next to where I stayed with friends Wednesday night
Tea Tree Beach, Noosa National Park, Queensland, Australia.jpg
Tea Tree Beach, Noosa National Park. We swam here just on sunset after watching a Koala high up in a gum tree for a while. 

Noosa Heads, Hastings St looking towards the National Park.
Noosa Heads attracts owner-occupiers and investors, drawn to the laidback lifestyle, the National Park and one of the few north-east facing beaches in south-east Queensland.


Susan Buret said...

The show looks great Sopie. I love disperse 1. What a wonderful venue. Congratulations.

Sophie Munns said...

Thanks for commenting Susan!
You must check out the venue on a trip north some time... great book range and a most stimulating space!
I appreciate the generous encouragement with Disperse. It was one not originally intended for the show that I happened to do when I was very fresh and inspired a couple of weeks ago after contemplating this unusual canvas over months... Suddenly it just took form -- you know that thing that sometimes happens!

Altoon Sultan said...

Congrats on the show. I'm especially intrigued by the oval paintings; the long narrow piece is wonderful too; it looks like a long strip of textile alongside the seed forms, a great solution to the format.

Sophie Munns said...

Thank you very much Altoon!
The ovals echo the shapes within the abstract seed pod forms. I'm exploring that whole thing - tentatively.
I had this tension going on in my work over the past 7 years where I was utterly compelled to work with line and geometry and then in direct opposition, in equal measure, I found my compulsion to work with organic forms, raw edges and imperfect lines and the ovoid shape in particular.
The 'coastal reverie II' - 120 x 40 cm work is possibly another way I have resolved or calmed - ? - not sure how to put it - given shape to these contradictory directions.
I do rather wish I could invite you into my studio Altoon to bring your very experienced and though-provoking engagement with the work and hear your responses in both general terms and individual.
Its the quality of seeing - and the compositional and other concerns broken down and examined that I would be very pleased to go over with you.
Praise and encouragement have their place ...but I do love the more sober and exploring conversation that allows one to see ones own work more clearly, or with an increase of complexity and understanding.

Its late... time to say goodnight,

nathalie et cetera said...

such beautiful work! I wish I could visit.

janis said...

I wish I could see those in person - your pieces are dynamic, powerful, and all at once so beautiful... xo

Nicola Moss said...

Hi Sophie,
Great looking show, congratulations. What a wonderful venue for showing art.

Sophie Munns said...

Thanks nathalie...
so far away...

Sophie Munns said...

lovely comments Janis - thank you!
I remember 10 years ago when I started to formulate stronger ideas about what I was seeking to bring to life in my work I wondered how on earth I could do that.
Its such a mystery despite all the reading, thinking, dialogue and 2 steps forward one back that goes on - the way one's work evolved. I've had the experience many times of looking at what I have done with such a feeling of confoundedness - where is this coming from? - where the hell am I going?
Thus time it seemed I was arriving at something I was more at home with - like I have been growing into the work slowly, slowly. It found me before I was ready for it and now I am more at one with it - it is less strange to me!
wish you wee able to pop in!
S xo

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Nicola,
good to hear from you and thanks for the great comments.
I'd love this place to be just down the road - but then I would be buying a lot more books - the temptation is strong at Embiggen.
There's a good atmosphere - a place of engagement with ideas... a compatible marriage of science and art.
Hope to catch up with you soon!

nevin said...

What a show! I wish I was there. Any show in Melbourne?

Sophie Munns said...

Thank you Nevin!
I would love a show in Melbourne as I lived there for 12 years and have friends and good memories there.
To be organised... will let you know if i come up with something...
nice to hear from you.... Interesting recent post!