Monday, January 18, 2010

playing with living spaces...

...composing spaces to live in is something I used to love to do...and here are some images that reminded me of places I've lived in some small way - or things that appeal for one reason or another... below is a room where I'd like to have wonderful dinners and long conversations. This table suits letter-writing, sitting doing watercolours, a game of scrabble? ...thats a very inky blue in the wallpaper! Now what music I wonder? I can even imagine the food I would serve - nothing too labour intensive but delicious and slow-cooked... an unpretentious red wine for this honest room...yes it has drama...but its also relaxed. I lived for 5 years once-upon-a-time in a decaying grand old home with this kind of ambience...oh the dinners... the conversations...!

lots of shelves - above - definitely crucial and that chair's quite lovely...i'd get paint all over that white though! 
Below: walls and floors that look worn and aged...yes! wood - yes!

this room below with the table and chairs kind of randomly placed says lived in and worked in, breakfast, chats, multitasking, making a mess, cleaning up, relaxing ... its all fine! All these places and rooms below suggest its ok to play and create in these spaces...well there is a studio below...but why not have all rooms with the potential to become a temporary studio... I'm all for houses as doing and being spaces - rooms where all sorts of things are possible...rules bended and broken...

these images are all from James Merrrell, a London based photographer found through keen eyed Katherine at which I was browsing through earlier tonight. I have seen the work of this photographer in various magazines and there is a distinctive atmosphere and sense of drama which I find playful and reminds me of places I've lived and fun I've had creating spaces and arranging rooms like a giant visual composition. Hey i've even broken the format tonight for loading images onto a post...looks odd?...well they just kind of went that way - it wasn't planned..! Sometimes the thing just goes its own merry way and i have to follow along and hope for the best. Does this happen to you?


La Dolce Vita said...

yes, we do that don't we, arrange rooms like a giant visual composition! loved this post, something gorgeous in each photo!
I couldnt get you link to work I will google it! ciao bella xo

Sophie Munns said...

I couldn't resist tonight Caterina...
needed to daydream about spaces and interiors and arranging things and I found the interiors this photographer finds to be so delightful and rich. Who finds what I wonder...maybe he is chosen to do certain places that look reminscent of the work he likes to do... i wonder how the places and photographers do get decided upon?
Thanks for letting me know about that faulty link - I have corrected it and all my spelling mistakes...I hope!
ciao dolce!
Sophia xo
does that make sense - ciao dolce?

Urban Flea said...

thank you so much for the shout out my dear! so glad you liked his images!

xo katherine aka. urban flea :)

Susan Buret said...

Thank you for the visual feast Sophie.

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Katherine,
they were so hard to choose between...
Fantastic scope. You probably understand the way it works with commissioning photographers for interior shoots and the matching of the photographer's aesthetic with the interiors and what a magazine is looking for!
His work had a strong consistant flavour irreguardless of the subject matter.
I'm glad I visited Urban Flea for this wonderful find Katherine!

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Susan,
It was a visual feast ....and you should see the ones I didn't post (but still drooled over) at his website!