Friday, January 8, 2010

If you are in Noosa this month...

Embiggen Books: where science meets art is actually a fine art gallery as well as very appealing bookstore that I discovered earlier this year when spending a weekend in Noosa ( 2 hours north of Brisbane). This is quite a find in a coastal resort area of great natural beauty which attracts many for its fine beaches, parks, waterways and regional offerings. Embiggen focuses heavily on science, philosophy, environment and art (a reflection of the owner's passions)  has an extensive program of events -  guest speakers, writers and book launches, a book club, participation in the local non-fiction writers festival and art exhibitions. Its nestled between an organic cafe & store and a german bakery cafe on Wyeba Rd, Noosaville.  More images at flickr.  Read my august posts on Noosa here and here.

Last night I burnt the midnight oil finishing some paintings to send up to the gallery for a group show on for the rest of january. As the sun came up before I'd finished my tasks this morning I have not downloaded images or achieved too much with the rest of the day. Also very hot again I was glad to hibernate inside. I'll go up next week - I'll get to see the other works also on show - and make time  to enjoy some of the Noosa ambience, if its not too busy that is!
So... if you happen to find yourself in this part of the world with a spare half hour pop in to Embiggen and have a browse ...dont forget there's excellent coffee next door!
The front of Embiggen Books 205 Weyba Rd by Mr Embiggen.

Embiggen Books by Mr Embiggen.

Isla Griffin's Exhibition 3 by Mr Embiggen.
an art show in 2009 in the gallery -artist Ilsa Griffin


La Dolce Vita said...

oh I wish! I would love to visit my friend Kim at Merlins Musings blog! take a few days off and lay out by the water! sounds wonderful after all this snow!
cograts on your show!!!

Liv Sørvaag said...

hi Sophie !

i should love to be back in Noosa !
Stayed there for 2 days back in 99, and I`m sure i visited the gallery ,if it was there then
Wish you good luck in the gallery !
best Liv

Mlle Paradis said...

Hi Sophie - A quick one (or not!) - your post is bringing so many things to mind.

1) OH! I was really hoping to come to Australia this month and would so have loved to visit this part of the world that you describe! (But soon!) It sounds lovely and yes, you must take pictures of the cottages around where you're staying and share them with us

2) Oh those bookshelves! I've bought two houses now successively based on the fact that they had generous built in book shelving (so I'm not such a cretin as I sometimes make myself out to be). I saw a show w/ Nigella Lawson in it in the UK last week and she has (you might imagine) THE MOST GORGEOUS STUDY with stuffed full bookshelves from floor to very high ceiling all around, a most beauteous carpet and - the best - french doors opening onto the garden! (re: your post about books and gardens?) I died a million deaths. At that point who cares about her cooking?! If I were invited to her house I'd skip dinner and just barricade myself in the study! And that's saying alot for moi who loves my food!

3) Check out Nicholas Kristof's article in yesterday's NY Times (online) about happiness and Costa Rica - further to our chat before Christmas about taking care of the planet and what it means about quality of life. Great op-ed. He may be my new hero, my friend Emma will tell me I'm coming a little late to that party!

4) There was something else but like Jane at Spain Daily, I have no short term memory. - Oh! Skye G.: I ate a piece of lamb with some green leafy vegetable on the side. It's pointless to add any further descriptive because it would so greatly fail the lingering haunting deliciousness that followed me home from the plate. And still haunts me 10 months later.

Anyway, I wish I had time to post about ALL these things but I'm trying very hard to fake AMBITION this first week of the New Year. So otherwise occupied. HAPPY PAINTING! Nice to hear from you at P.P.

Sophie Munns said...

HI Cat,
or should I say La Dolce Vita!
Now I am curious....Merlin's musings.
You have had such a huge season of snow....I am quite amazed that it seems to go on and on and in places that it normally doesn't. Is this so for you?

WE have had rain and cloudy skies at a time when we often just have lots of sun and heat... storms yes...but the week or so of constant rain that soaked the ground was so welcome here that we could hardly whimper one bit! I loved the mood of quiet plus holiday slowness!

Thanks re the show...I'm curios to see the others work...being an out-of -towner as I am! I know there is a science and eco flavour with the artists at this gallery often... will see next week!
I must visit you keeps me away from the computer,

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Liv,
how lovely to prompt your Noosa memories. Are you surrounded by snow at the moment in Norway?
Thank you for your warm comments!

Sophie Munns said...

Dear Mlle Paradis,
a juicy post awaited me from you today.... thankyou!
1. Do tell if you plan to head this way at some point!
2. Nigella does appear to have created a fab living space from tiny glimpses I've had. Bookshelves big you for putting them top of list when house hunting! I must admit the cottage I bought in 2002 had a studio with shelving that kept me coming back to look at it. certain details count for a lot!
3. will find NYT article...great tip!
4. thanks for responding re the cooking of Skye G - YUM!

I am going to photograph those cottages... thanks for the inspiration over at PP! have just had a delighul lunch with lovely friends form away. Now toswim - its warm...then perhaps a walk around the streets with camera!
see you,

Four Seasons in a Life said...

Dear Sophie,

What an interesting bookstore. I see that I could get lost with in the wall lined books, spending hours, making friends with new authors.

Thank you for sharing,

Liv Sørvaag said...

Hi again Sophie !
Here is 40 cm snow and 15 minus degree , but sunny nice wether.
It is just to have warm clothes and shoes..
-and fire in the fireplace..nice to be inside.It have been cold in my studio ,so i`ve been at home for some days ..
Have a nice day in sunny Australia !
best Liv

Sophie Munns said...

Dear Egmont,
I could imagine you would like this store very much.
I swish I was closer to attend some of the events which feature wonderful writers and ideas!
Thanks for visiting today!

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Liv,
Very , very cold in Norway...but I'm good its sunny and you are keeping warm. i imagine its hard to leave the fireplace - that would be very cosy!
I planned to swim today by contrast with you over there.... there's a pool I can still go to open till midnight! Still time today - perhaps better first thing tomorrow though!

em said...

i wish i could come! i've never been to austrailia!

Warren said...

Hi Sophie,

Your work looks great in the gallery and has already attracted lots of praise. Nearly sold to a Canadian couple but the shipping pout them off unfortunately! Anyway I haven't even finished labelling everything yet
so it's a good omen for the future of the show and yours in March April.

Oh here's some pics of the show:

See you soon,
Warren at Embiggen Books

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Warren,

It was great to hear this news! I just looked up the flickr photos - it looks like an interesting show!

Thanks for sending this link and the warm comments!

I'm on my way to Noosa for a brief stay with friends this afternoon so will pop into the gallery/store tomorrow!

See you then!

Sophie Munns said...

hey Em...
next time you are planning a holiday and think you are up to the long haul trip...come over and visit with us...