Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Transition: Rachael Lee

'Traffic' 2009 Acrylic, ink and pencil on linen 30 cm sq

'Fusion'  20007  watercolour pencil on paper, 35 x  22 cm

'Traffic' is a work from Rachel Lee's latest series which will be shown in a Solo exhibition TRANSITION opening this Friday night, 9th of October in Brisbane at the Doggett Street Studio. See more here on Rachael's website about the opening and her work.I met Rachael recently at the
  Brisbane Artists Development Co-op  which is a "creative hothouse of like-minded individuals committed to growing professionally and artistically through active membership". Its a lively group of individuals who will no doubt be out in force for Rachael's show this weekend which promises to have some wonderful new work to go and see!


Jay Dee said...

Thanks for profiling Rachael - I saw her work in 2007 and really liked it. Will deffinitely have to stop in at Doggett St over the next week or so to check her new exhibition out.


Her 2007 exhibition looked wonderful...She'll be very pleased to read this. Today she left a comment here to which i responded and then deleted both ...so she may return to redo the comment and read your message I hope!

rachaellee9 said...

Thanks Sophie for including me in your blog. I am always interested to read your postings and would love to see more of your own work listed too. Keep up the great work!
I am amazed how you find the time...but so glad that you do.
Thanks Jay Dee for your kind words. I hope you enjoy this year's show, be sure to leave your thoughts in my comments book at the gallery. :)


Thanks Rachael!
I'm going to link to a new blog SOON on which to simply post my own work...far too busy at the moment to create that though! Its nice to be asked to show work..so I do appreciate that.
Opening's on tonight...how exciting for you!
You must read about Jay Dee's plans for 2010...I posted about it last week - Mon 28th sept - under Myrtle St Studio! Its going to be a fabulous Artist-Run-Space.
have a great show Rach!

Jay Dee said...

Hi Rachael! I'm planning a visit tomorrow so I will be sure to leave a comment or two! I'm sure I will enjoy it.

Jay Dee said...

Forgot to say too - Sophie, it was great to meet you tonight even though we were a bit rushed! Your clothing looked even more amazing in real life and loved how well the seedpod prints turned out.

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Jay Dee,
Rachael's show is definitely worth taking in! Its wonderful to see in person after viewing the on-line work. Traffic was as engaging as I had first thought!

And yes it was great to finally meet last night at the "wearable art ' event. Thankyou for the lovely comments. I must take photos today and post tem...it was all so fast lst night...surprisingly no photos opportunities ...the volunteer models were absolutely gorgeous...but certainly not accustomed to the camera and that certain stride and demand of the audience's attention.
Their elegance certainly didn't disappoint! It was all over so quickly though...unlike our conversation ...which will continue!
See you soon,

Jay Dee said...

Hi Sophie! Yes, the parade last night went at lightning speed!! I'm amazed if you managed to get any shots in!
I managed to get into Doggett St today and Rachaels' work did not disappoint - left a comment in her book :) - talk soon.