Sunday, October 11, 2009

introducing my new site - sophie munns studio archive

It was slow coming but I finally worked out what approach to take for a weblink  to my own portfolio of artwork. In part I was prompted to put this together for those visitors to my blog wanting to see my work in a place of its own, rather than interspersed between posts on the all the wonderful people and ideas I like to document and share. 
I must thank quite a few people for continuing to prompt and encourage me in this way... Una  in Newcastle, Carolyn  in Melbourne, Rachael  in Brisbane, Lucy at nourish me  in Melbourne ... I feel bad about actually forgetting some of the other encouragers I wish to thank!
I would never have started blogging if it wasn't for generosity of Chrissy   and also Karin . Plus I must thank Marilena Stanton (who does not blog, but should) for some great inspiration, ideas, contacts and singular encouragement!
Months of blogging has brought so much to my attention, extending awareness of certain things exponentially. Its ideal the way a blogging component  can now combine so easily with a more traditional website to keep things current, interactive and refreshed.
I have borrowed and adapted what I thought was a great idea from Steven Alexander, an accomplished abstract painter and academic from the US, who manages 2 blogs - one formal, non-interactive blog for his own work to be added to over time - simply titled  STEVEN ALEXANDER STUDIO ... and an interactive weblog STEVEN ALEXANDER JOURNAL  which is very focused and clean, streamlined to enhance quite precisely his particular career focus. He provides a most consistant aesthetic and tone to his 2 weblogs and in this way I think it works admirably as a website. He does not appear to have a traditional website in fact!
With the availability of numerous paths into web-land and the endless array of templates, methods and moods to employ - it was time to make a start by keeping it simple! I do thank all for the wonderful encouragement that comes my way! There will be no space for comments on this studio archive blog... it will be straightforward, not needing to be managed apart from adding more work! But you are always welcome to email me or leave a comment on this blog anytime!


Susan Buret said...

Separating work and main stream blogging seems like a good idea. It's so hard to maintain the balance with a single blog. Now I'm off to look at your new blog.

Sophie Munns said...

Thanks Susan!
It certainly is a process to get the balance right...we have so many technologies at hand as many options.
Looking forward to seeing your new studio come to life via the blog too!

Novi On The Go said...

Hi Sophie, I just came from your archive blog... I'm always interested in an artist's sketchbooks, how their ideas developed... I clicked on your drawings/paintings from May 2008 journal entries... very expressive, particularly Indian Pengamia, they look very much alive! The renderings of the green pods on blue background are wonderful, simple but very interesting.
I'm so glad you started this archive, I'm curious about your work. I will be back!

Jay Dee said...

Fantastic link Sophie - great to see the metamorphosis of your ideas! And you have touched on something I was just talking about with a friend today - how to manage blogging when you want both an archive of your work + general blogging. I like your approach.

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Novi,
Thanks so much for your lovely comments.
I'm glad that it was of interest as one's own work feels like part of the furniture sometimes and some fresh seeing always helps.
I relate to your enjoyment of artists sketchbooks etc - seeing into that more intimate thinking and working with ideas can be fascinating.

I decided to call it studio 'archives' due to the months or even years when life was demanding my attention elsewhere, but still I kept writing, drawing or jotting down ideas, getting out the inks, colour pencils etc. This way the dots between periods of studio activity and production are joined and the continuity of thinking not completely lost.

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Jay Dee,
I thought it worth mentioning Steven Alexander as the source of inspiration...there are others of course... but something about his way of doing the 'blog-as-web-site' is so crisp and professional that it is a good reference point.
Makes sense to separate Susan Buret also says in the first of these comments above. Dont know why it took me this long...such is life!
Thanks for feedback...see you tuesday!

Una Rey said...

Great work Sophie,
Just back from out bush and realising how online our town lives are... And as in everything, balancing the best of what is on offer is a job and you are onto it. I look forward to seeing the studio emerge; I intend do follow suit..
Here's to the brush and the conversations through paint.

Sophie Munns said...

Thanks Una,
hope you had a wonderful break. I think if i'd been you after your frenetic pace this year I'd have lay down in the grass and not moved...for a week!
You'll be able to post photos of the land on the blog...looking forward to seeing your take on Art and life!
I'll raise my glass to your the brush etc
S x

Chrissy Foreman C said...

Wonderful Sophie!! You've really found your sea legs and blog land is taking you in wonderful directions! Hope to see you on tue night @ Botanique!

Sophie Munns said...

Thanks Chrissy!
I actually tried wordpress first off...thinking it might have the template to suit what I I started working through all the unfamiliar set up facilities however I ended up throwing up my hands in frustration...'d only been a couple of hours BUT! Heading back to blogger, I found there was a new posting process that is definitely improved and it was all SO easy by comparison!
I guess sea-legs is right!
See you Tuesday!

Sanne said...

I love to see your work, and your process! I like to see your interpretation and nature finds. It feels like we can be a visitor in your studio :-)

It was so very nice to read that you send a friend my work, the reason you send it is the reason i want to continue my work, thank you so much for this.

Have a wonderful day!

Sophie Munns said...

Thank you for your most charming message Sanne.
Heartwarming on both accounts..the reference to my studio blog and what you wrote of the reason you continue to want to make art and communicate in this way.
Lovely to connect across the oceans!

Candice Herne said...

Hi Sophie Lovely to see you last night and catch up shame about the rain. The weather didn't dampen the artistic flare of the wearable art though, your dresses looked great! Candyxx

Sophie Munns said...

Excellent to see you last night ...and view your fabulous 'wearable art creations' being modelled for the crowd. I was looking forward to your black sculptural piece and the model did very much suit the look! There was a very keen and quite large audience... such a shame about the last minute venue change due to stormy weather!
It was all so fleeting for we artists used to seeing things on walls and such for viewers to see at their leisure.
Makes you appreciate why the fashion industry, relying on catwalks for some critical exposure are so hyped about getting the maximum attention possible for their creations when they walk out on stage!
As a painter It makes me indeed pleased that a viewer might choose to linger in front of a work for a few minutes or more if they become engaged with the work. 'Slow art'....last night however was definitely 'fast' viewing.

The things you learn when you step outside you comfort zone!
see you soon Candy...
S xx

Lucy said...

I've been away and look at what I come home to!

Sophie, I'm so excited to be able to see and read about your work, your approach, your visual thinking in a separate un-commenting space. You've got me thinking now, too...

So, though I'm a little late to the party, congrats! XX

Sophie Munns said...

Never too late Lucy!
Thanks for this lovely comment and for the feedback and encouragement over time which somehow helped towards freeing up that a part of me that was holding back!
I hope your trip has been fabulous Lucy and I look forward to reading all about it...
Sophie x
Nice to have you back in OZ...even if you are 3,000kms away!