Sunday, October 25, 2009

Caio Fonseca

The artist Caio Fonseca came to my notice about 5 years ago when I was immersed in researching contemporary abstract painters outside Australia. To see an extensive collection of images visit the artists website . I was seeking work that resonated in some way with my own preoccupations in painting. He was one of quite a number of artists from across the web that I revisited and mused on at length.I found the works to be constructed in an interesting manner, layered and intriguing as the dimensions played with ones seeing. Sensually applied paint, strong forms,refreshing colour palettes, a feeling for space and mystery...plenty to  consider further.
Scratched into a journal were these few quick notes, hopefully accurately documented - here is a statement which I connected with from the artist: "the essence of painting is for me is the secret nature of forms"
Jacquelyn Serwer form the Corcoran Gallery of Art wrote, in 2004(?), that 'Fonseca belonged to those artists with a continuing devotion to early abstract key principals - the creation of art that derives its power from the essence rather than the appearance of things, that relies on the fundamental experience of the visual rather than the narrative, and above all that retains a paramount respect for the process and craft of painting'.
A further comment I have jotted down comes from Peter Scheldjahl (1998?) re the struggle for the abstract to reassert itself in the eyes of many contemporary curators at the time. He cheekily asks he question "did they imagine that people would contentedly read wan texts forever? He postulated "instead...human eyes are hungry for visual and emotional rewards"
I certainly found my research rewarding at that time and continue to find it so. Each time an artist has caused me to stop and enter into their way of seeing is a chance for reflection both on their work and where I am with my own.
Perhaps most fascinating to discover over the years is which artists continue to speak strongly  to oneself and why. This is always a most interesting conversation to have with others.


Curlyhead said...

I like this work a lot. There's a very graphic design feel about it!

Sophie Munns said...

I hope you get to look at his will no doubt enjoy viewing more of his work if you liked this!

em said...

well, and he looks cute too! or is it just the photo?

i do like his work as well.

Sophie Munns said...

I think the artist in question may well be a rather dashing character Em...his story reads well I must say. I like the bit about a studio in Italy and one in Manhattan, dividing the year between the 2...and the fact no one sells his work once they buy it because they so want to hold onto there is said to be no work of his coming up at auction.
That sounds to me like a painter's dream...instead people must queue to buy a work at the artist's asking price.
However, most importantly , the artist is no doubt dlilligent and highly focused, the work - if you like this genre of painting - appealing and for some breathtaking!
thanks for leaving the garden to send a message!

Candice Herne said...

Hi Sophie I just saw your highway poem. I love it.I really like doing ordered and abstract topography work. I started playing around with these ideas a few years ago. As you know we are off on our journey. Looking at your poetry is just too enticing. And is making my heart beat a little faster.I hope that my highway will be as poetic as yours. Candyxx really enjoy your blog. Candyxx

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Candace,
- I just read your blog and its true really are packed up ad 2 days away from "THE BIG ROAD TRIP"!

This is going to be wonderful beyond words... well...your'e a bit of a will probably write loads of highway poems...highways and biways of OZ!!!

Are you going to continue blogging from the road? I will add you to my brissie bloglist if so!

best of luck with your wonderful adventure!
Sophie xx

virginia said...

i love his work, and tore pages (which featured his paintings in a spacious loft) out of a magazine years ago, long before i had access to the internet!

i will head to his website...

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Virginia,
I also found a fascinating magazine article some years back -biographical details with reference to the family of artists etc - and then more recently a monograph on the artist. His visual language seems to work on one slowly though...I do remember revisiting the images to understand this better.
I'm sure I would find myself transported into reverie were I to sit quietly in a comfy chair in proximity to one of these works.
thanks for visiting!