Saturday, June 9, 2012

Who was the 100,000th visitor?

I recently noticed the visitor counter was going to reach a special number and thought how nice it would be to post on who came by at that moment! I missed the 3rd bloggy birthday on May One... so this is a small celebration instead. I've been falling behind in my time for blogging this past month ...but do really miss it and all of you... so this is a tiny tribute to all who have meant such a lot to me these past few years.

According to my calculations the lovely blogger who happened by today when the Visitor Counter struck 100,000 is from Vancouver, Canada ... Annamaria was totally unsuspecting! I came home very late from a day in the studio and remembered to check the counter tonight and recognised the lucky number coincided with someone I knew who does these gorgeous watercolours!

a watercolour by Annamaria Potamiti
I was terribly pleased to see a familiar face rather than an anonymous google connection which could not be tracked to a name. Not only that ... Annamaria stopped and left a message.

Vancouver, british columbia, Canada
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Artmaking as a visual cocoon for my daily stories. And then some other stuff about life at home and in the studio. Sharing and making friends. Hugs:)

Fine Art Print of Mixed Media  Original Watercolor Acrylic  Pencil Bird Home Garden Wall Art
from Annamaria's Etsy site.

So...I'm very glad not to have let this moment pass and I send my warmest thoughts to all who have come by here with your wonderful ideas, charming responses and kind thoughts these past few years!

I hope to get my camera out and shoot the recent artwork from the Molecular Bio-Science Residency and things from the new studio this week. Its been a great week of getting settled in the studio and working with paints and inks for the last couple of days.

May your weekend be magic...
Sophie x


annamaria said...

What great fun Sophie! I am so, so happy to have been a special visitor on your blog which I find so deeply exciting and inspiring! Thank you so much my friend for your very kind intro:)Awesome!Have a great weekend yourself. Will you stay in your new studio over the weekend or will you take time off? Or do I already know the answer? Have magical fun!(did you watch the Ted Talk video about 'the secret life of plankton'? It was brilliant and beautiful, I thought about you. Would you like the link?)

Sophie Munns said...

It is exciting Annamaria... it could have been from anywhere on the planet and not someone I've preciously connected with... so I thought it was lovely to know the person... and its a pleasure to post your gorgeous pics up here!
Even though its ridiculously late I am reviewing the day's painting and thinking already what to focus on tomorrow in the studio.
Do send the plankton link when you have a moment... and much magic to you over there... loving your latest work Annamaria!
xo S

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and well done!!! I'm not sure where my counter is but...I'm pretty sure this is a major milestone. As for Annamaria's work. Gorgeous color and the forms are divine!!! I'm off to look at more!

cheers and happy painting!


Carole said...

Yay for Annamaria! I had to take a double look when I saw your blog name and Annamaria's artwork! How wonderful that the comment was hers. How lovely of you to feature her work on your blog. I have enjoyed getting to know both of you over the past year.

I'm off to make coffee, find a comfy spot on the guest bed, and watch the Plankton talk on TED. Have a great weekend dear Sophie. My eldest is coming for the weekend to meet her new niece. I'm very excited to see again after 6mos! xo

Caterina Giglio said...

lovely post and can't wait to see what your camera captures.... any stitches?? x

Sally said...

Thanks for sharing your 100000th visitor! She's a real gem! Love her vibrant, quirky, thoughtful paintings.

ronnie said...

100 000 woo hoo!

Egmont van Dyck said...

Greetings Sophie,

This is incredible and I am glad you kept an eye on it so that you could figure out who it was. It certainly is a huge milestone. A huge congratulations to you my dear. Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Egmont

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Congratulations! Your posts are on my 'don't miss' mental list and are always interesting. I will be watching for those photos.
Thank you...I'll be available for a magical weekend...the sun is shining and my garden is weeded and watered!

Sophie Munns said...
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Sophie Munns said...

Hello lovely people!

I spent another 11 hours in the studio today...and took no photos!! Apart from talking to the gorgeous young artist Tessa in the Gallery where she is exhibiting her work I was tucked away in bliss below working like I'm touched by a venusian spell via the Transit of Venus or something!

Mary... a hug to you... many fine exchanges this past year or two! A's work is lovely yes!

Carole... Vancouver is full of wonderful people clearly! Lucky to know you and Annamaria both... so glad you also are acquainted! ENjoy the family time!

Yes...stitched last week Cat.. what will occur with stitches and studio is still a guess... got closer today!

Sally..thank you... Love your part of the world and yes... Annamaria's work is a delight for the eyes!

Ronnie... cheers... sometimes feels like I can't keep up...but here it is!

Thank you Egmont. I was so intrigued for a week wondering would I be able to track the visitor. So pleased...and someone from your side of the Pacific. Waving to you!

Gracias Maryanne!
Magic in the air... what have you noticed with all the action in the heavens? Always lovely to visit with you!

Cyber-hugs to all...
S xox

Printed Material said...

Working with paints and inks for the weekend? Sounds heaven. How like you Sophie to be aware of the importance of visitors and have as much interest in us as we share with you. Long may it continue.

Gloria Freshley Art and Design said...

Greetings Sophie! 100,000 -- WOW! Definitely a milestone! Thank you so much for all the good work you are doing. I look forward to seeing images from your residency and recent studio work. Happy to see Annamaria's lovely work here! Cheers all the way around. Gloria

Sophie Munns said...

Ah... I long to be more in touch in the blogosphere Lesley but fall prey to competing agendas and then of course the studio...which is indeed a good place to be active! Thanks for your message!

Merci Gloria... Lovely to have found Annamaria was the unsuspecting "visitor" ... Off to the studio soon...I realised at the last minute Monday was a public holiday so I could delay some tasks to tuesday and paint today instead... photos soon hopefully!

Good creating everyone!
S x