Wednesday, June 13, 2012

scenes from the new studio...

I've just downloaded mages from the new studio and posted extensively on the Studio Archive blog about the first week in the wonderful ambience of a fresh, clean studio.

a corner of the studio

shelves for small works, journals and such.

and a series of work on paper, many quickly rendered to work on the motif... variations on a theme.

                                            Pop over now if you want to view the images!


Janis said...

Ohh a dream studio... Congratulations Sophie, what a great space for creating! Love seeing all your work - you're so prolific, it's impressive. I wish I had even an ounce of your energy! xxoo

Sophie Munns said...

It is a kind of dream Janis... had reached the point of no return... felt like something would burst or disintegrate or whatever if things didn't give or change or ...?
SO giving myself to work flow is very easy here. Plus NO internet connection, emails or such distractions from having all work tasks jostling up against each other shouting for attention.
The other thing that has happened I think is that certain ideas/learnings/processes have developed to the point now where focus on the visual feels right... that in itself is really motivating!
Also the use of a wonderful space is being exchanged for a timely role + tasks that sync well!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Yes, congratulations...a grand space, all white and room for great beginnings. Place for all sizes of these beauties. Good luck with the days ahead!

Sophie Munns said...

Thank you Maryanne.. winter here which is our really productive time... so will be an adventure!
Good creating to you!

Anonymous said...

it's a grown up version of the perfect cubby!
Everything you need for making.

And it looks so fresh and white..

nathalie et cetera said...

Look at this place! Lucky you! I am sure you you will make great art in there. You already started!

Sophie, please don't apologize for not visiting. I completely understand how time is never on our side.

I'm off for a stroll in your tumblr. Enjoy your new space!

Donna Heart said...

Hi sophie! What a wonderful post - thank you! Your new space is already brimming with inspiration and ideas. I wish I could focus in on a subject like you have, and explore it with that insatiable thirst for a deeper understanding and love. At the moment I feel like a litterbug going from one unrelated idea to the next! How do you keep from diverging to other areas of interest? I'm so interested to know! I always feel so inspired after visiting - thanks Sophie! X donna

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Grrl...
feeling good that's for sure ... and I was so ready for my cubby i can tell you!

that makes me feel better... and from one who juggles as you do you so know that story!
Thanks for great encouraging wordsQ

Sophie Munns said...

How great to hear from you Donna.Hope life is treating you well over there in WA!
Don't worry... I can seem to flit and dart about following interests...but somehow they all fit under the umbrella of Homage to the seed.
It allows for endless branches to explore... so maybe that would work for you... to find something broad enough to include many things you love.
Thanks for your lovely comments... wishing you plenty of inspiration and fun working.

Anonymous said...

congrats sophie, so cool !

Sophie Munns said...

Thank you Robyn... its been such pleasure to go to work!
wonderful to hear from you!