Sunday, November 20, 2011

this time last week...

This morning I am making the most of being able to linger at home in my own space after arriving home from Korea in the early hours of the morning yesterday! I proceeded to sleep away most of yesterday after  breakfast with family first. I vaguely remember dinner on the back verandah too ... but when I went back to bed I still managed to sleep till 5.30 this morning.

After finding my car keys I headed off this morning at 6.30 to a local cafe and read the paper over coffee and then made my way to a fairly new local market where I enjoyed choosing from the abundance of fresh herbs, fruit and vegetables.

Now I've just gone through photos for several hours and decided to post photos from Sunday a week ago when still in London I had headed off to the East End to visit Columbia Rd Flower market, Brick Lane and Spitafield markets. I left London the following evening and arrived Tuesday afternoon in Korea, staying in Seoul for 3 nights and flying out on Friday evening ... landing 9 hours later here in Brisbane.

So its been a huge week ...

but for now.... the East End story!

Columbia Rd was not hard to find once I knew the right bus to take. Many were heading the same way.

There were rows of market stalls selling flowers, bulbs, potted plants and such for a very good price.

Love hyacinth I have to say...

around some corners were some very tempting eateries... liked this oyster stall on the street... bread, butter, oysters being shucked, lemon... so simple!

Great street entertainment!

This was over near Brick Lane Market this woolly vehicle!

Wasn't quite sure what I'd find in these parts!

Lots of street eating for one!

From Ethiopia...

I took photos of endless varieties of cuisines... VERY multi-cultural in origin. I could barely decide what to choose to eat... somehow I went for Moroccan but it all looked incredibly appetising and well prepared.

The street went on forever.

London 2011 is a different place to the times of this man!

Food mecca!

This stall holder was just back form a buying trip in India... and I had fun choosing some braids for my mother who lives to sew. 

Yes... I had to buy the one with the Pom Poms...and it was very popular when giving gifts yesterday morning!

I'd like to have taken closer photos of this whole stall... very ingenious repurposed goods!

I bought a wonderful bag made from African fabric.. made an excellent carry on bag for the plane as it was a really long shape ... held rolled up art work which was an answer to a problem. Met some great people at this market...and got a few last minute gifts. Took loads of photos...these are just a few!

Well my friends... so much to do now that I'm home... but I will be back visiting you all as son as possible. I thank all of you who popped in with well wishes whilst I was on the journey!
my best to your all!
Sophie xx


Sarah said...

Great pictures of your visit to the East End! Glad you got home safely.

Mlle Paradis said...

welcome back girlfriend! love the ladies in red? did you run into the man who says:

oy down wanna now ya - oy jes wanna sale yew sam

rest up!

ArtPropelled said...

Phew Sophie! ... you must have had a wonderful time. Oh that woolly car and the repurposed goods!!
If you could hear me ooohing and aahhhing...

Carole said...

So much to see and do and eat and.....

Velma said...

wow. and i love that last photo, what wonderful stuff.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I am so envious of your bag of African fabrics...Happy Thanksgiving Blessings. Peace, Mary Helen