Tuesday, November 8, 2011

City of lights... part 2

If you read the last post you will know where I ended up... briefly... for 2 days.

Not a great photo...but I wanted to reference the amazing river made of projected light in the form of words on the entrance walkway up to the permanent exhibits at the Musee du quai Branly which was my destination on arrival in the city... once I'd stopped in at my hotel.

The museum contains the collections of the now-closed Musée national des Arts d'Afrique et d'Océanie and theethnographic department of the Musée de l'Homme. Wiki

Loved this item made of carved bone.... one of many exhibits from Papua New Guinea.
I could share a lot more form this wonderful museum... go there  or visit the website!

Walking... cold, windy, a little wet, freezing in the big open spaces... this carousel was somehow heartwarming in all that greyness!

Quite liked this image... guess where I am if you can...

Pompidou Centre indeed. Waiting in a long queue I got talking with a young Korean pastry chef who was
wonderful to chat with and gave me ideas for my stopover in Korea next week. He was off to the Pompidou Library to research for his work.Only when I was nearly inside did I realise I didn't need to be in this queue ...we laughed... the conversation was worth it!

Green crosses ... I like!

An atelier all lit up... it was only as wide as you see...and in a area of many galleries just the perfect size really!

A small window nearby.

Closeup of the light fittings in a bar in the Marais district. Loved this!

where do you think?

of course I passed this twice in 2 days..so the second time I stopped in!

Notre Dame...  so many people... I'm sure there are many quieter churches... but i, like so many, was drawn in!

... and before I left... dinner sitting at this corner below. Croque Monsieur and pomme frites. OK... what a cliche.. simple but so good!

Did I have a good time....?

Well... as usual... the things you plan and what then happens doesn't always coincide... I bought a two day museum pass on the Eurostar then found all the Museums were free on the one Sunday I was there... a once a month thing!

By Monday I'd lost interest in Museums anyway... I just wanted to walk... so I have an unused ticket that cost 35 Euros! C'est la Vie!

The residence where I spent three weeks recently was inside a virtual museum... its left me hunkering for my wandering time... less organised and far curated experiences. Not that I haven't appreciated that opportunity immensely. But when time is precious I'm thinking about what it is that will stay with me... and being able to absorb a place and its people, sit amidst the busyness and take it al in... of course that is important...

Plus... don't know about you... despite comfy, sensible shoes my feet still get really, really tired ... and to sit and stare is both pleasing and life saving!

I took lots of photos... but these are in keeping with the theme of light somehow!

Au revoir,


Robyn said...

Wow!!! Awesome!!! love the photos and especially the first and the hearts... so wonderful Sophie x

Valerianna said...

Its been a VERY long time since I've been there... thanks for the virtual visit.

ArtPropelled said...

Oh wow! There go my butterflies again! So exciting to see these photos Sophie! Love the Papua New Guinea piece ... and the narrow atelier. One thing i remember about being there is we didn't notice the rain and yet it rained a lot.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

These are wonderful photos...the play of light and the variety of sites! I can just tell...you did have a great time and thank goodness for outdoor seating and rest time!

Janis said...

Oh Sophie! his is wonderful! I am really enjoying traveling with you through your blog posts. I completely understand getting burnt out on museums and just wanting to absorb real life as it happens. Good you are listening to your heart...

Okay now bring us more, have fun, be safe, take care, enjoy! xo, j.

Carole said...

Paris in November! I've loved my two visits (5 days 2007 and 5 weeks in 2009) to the city of lights. My feet still hurt from all the walking we did! I'll let you know if I have another house sitting job in Paris and maybe we could spend some time walking and gallery hopping together.

La Dolce Vita said...

phenomenal photos and the word light is wonderful and I guess you were supposed to be in the right/wrong queue to meet the right Korean.... grin.. xx

Sophie Munns said...

It was a pleasure being in Paris, a pleasure down-loading the photos and then posting some here...
and it was a great pleasure coming home after a long but interesting day to find all your messages... lovely...
I'm blowing kisses to you all!

My cosy room feels like home after 8 days and your messages add to that feeling too!

Robyn in WA... lovely to read all your messages ... have pondered Perth as a destination before too long! hope things are going really well for you XX

Valerianna... i found myself rethinking the trip i made 24 yrs ago... interesting what we recall... ciao S

Robyn in SA... you'd have loved the entire museum ... there were rooms you could disappear off into and activities and research options... it seemed endless...
I hope you get there one day!

you're right! I did have a good time...esp when my anxiety about fitting things in and trying to plan it all ceased... S

Janis... thought of you today... shared a table at a Korean restaurant near the British Museum with someone from San Francisco... thanks for your comments... have had to pull away form expectations quite a bit. The good thing is when you stumble on things anyway... makes it clear just do what you can!

Did you really house-sit Carole... thats a great thought.
I can see it would be quite an experience to get beyond the initial impression i had... there was this feeling of things being tucked away...if you could just wander that extra little bit around the next corner...!

Cat... the word light river was endless and captivating... needed to be filmed. I got a sweet email from my friend today... it is good to have those lovely meetings!

Good night all!

Velma said...

such a trip.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I Love Paris any time of the year...it has been over 10 years since my last visit. Thank you for the reminder... I love Paris! Peace, Mary Helen

Artist said...

What a trip, no wonder your feet are soooooooooooo sore. Hope you enjoy the remainder of your time,

Anonymous said...

Such wonderful adventures you're having! The light fittings in the Marais district bar are great!
Enjoy the rest of your time back in London... :)

Carole said...

Yes, I really did housesit in Paris! Actually, it was an apartment that is owned by a friend of a friend. I am hoping to do it again with her.

We stayed in a very cool, non-touristy area with interesting people all around us. One night we sat on the street bench outside our place and drank a glass of wine with the caretaker's husband and watched the bicyclists ride by. We only speak highschool French but it was amazing how much we picked up living and shopping for food etc.

If you ever get the opportunity to do this I whole heartedly say "DO IT"!!!!!

M. said...

You look like you had a really great time! You were all over my neighbourhood... I wonder if our paths ever crossed?
Bonne continuation! :-))

Anonymous said...

Love photos Sophie, thanks for sharing : ) i haven't been to Paris in quite a while and you captured it completely.
Best~ Robyn

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Love the photos! Wish I had been there with you! Thanks for making me feel as if I was!

Sophie Munns said...

Hello lovely visitors...
home late, out early tomorrow... trying to squeeze so much in... BUT... only a few days left in London.
Sorry I am not repaying in full...fighting a cold ...3rd one in 6 weeks... oh well... i will not be beaten!

Thanks for your lovely messages... lovely to come home to0!
S xx

annamaria said...

Gorgeous photos- thank you for taking us along with you in your awesome journey!What a love this small studio space! :)

nathalie et cetera said...

ah paris! lucky you! eat a Bertillon ice cram for me. ile de la cité, white chocolate! i'm telling you, it's wonderful!