Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pecha Kucha ... 'the sound of conversation' in Brisbane tonight

Recently I received an email from Luke Pendergast from Riddel Architecture to see if I was interested in participating in this excellent event tonight. Consequently a yes led to losing some sleep whilst I worked on my 20 slides late last week... how to tell a story in 20 slides speaking for 20 seconds a slide. Well... i liked the minimal nature of this request... the creative challenge of finding maximum potency in a minimum timeframe.
Pecha Kucha Brisbane is an event where any designer, artist, architect, interactive media or alike, are given the soapbox to present their designs, thoughts and ideas.
Format: 20 slides, 20 seconds each, 6 minutes 40 seconds of fame.
Presentations are short, concise, interesting; a platform to inspire and a chance for you to be heard. An informal, licensed event to promote cross-disciplinary collaboration and connections. It will showcase a cross-section of the Brisbane design industry.
Founded by Klein Dytham Architects (KDA) in Tokyo in 2003, Pecha Kucha (Japanese for 'the sound of conversation') has tapped into a demand for a forum in which creative work can be easily and informally shown. It has spread internationally to over 170 cities.

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Brisbane Powerhouse

A few slides from tonight!

I wanted to talk about this period of 12 years following leaving home at 18 to study Art when I relocated and travelled a lot... sowed the seeds of what I'm doing now... (terrible pun I know!) so decided to include my useful map of where I've lived... how else to tell a story in 20 seconds?!

Skipping along to last year ... 20 seconds on the art work? I had to pull out a strong idea and tell of that...hence the cross-sections of seed capsules in the rainforest fruits... and the connection to ancient symbols which was a fantastic connection for me!

Why research on seeds in 20 seconds? click to enlarge if you want to read these!

The final image had to leave a strong message .. hope this will do the trick...
So if you're here in this city come along... I'm sure it will be a an interesting evening. There are 9 speakers lined up and with only 6 mins and 40 seconds... not too much time for us to send you to sleep!
...Reading Luke's profile (he is one of three organisers) made me appreciate it takes people with a deep interest in dialogue and the idea of the 'soapbox', as he puts it, to add something like this onto their extra curricular duties. Bravo to the team that put this together!

Growing up in the Gold Coast’s Hinterland, Luke gained a love for SEQ’s natural landscapes, fauna and climate. Following his first degree from University of Queensland, he studied German and Architecture in Cologne, Germany and worked in the office of Van den Valentyn Architektur. Valuable construction knowledge had been gained through working on construction sites as well as participating in aid work construction projects in PNG. Whilst completing his Bachelor of Architecture at UQ, Luke worked on environmentally sustainable residential projects under the guidance of Graham Davis, tutored timber technology subjects at UQ and his 2007 Thesis concerned Sustainable Public Transport. Luke completed a two year internship at the Department of Public Works Architectural Practice Academy and is now working at Riddel Architecture.
Luke’s interests lie in construction, connectivity, political discourse, design conversation and interdisciplinary collaboration. His fascination with the idea of the “soapbox” and strong belief in an individual’s right to a personal opinion generates his enthusiasm for organising Pecha Kucha Brisbane events.

note: 2 places left with this wonderful group on Saturday!


Anonymous said...

How exciting! I wish I could be there to hear you on top of your box and cheer you on. The images look great by the way!

Sophie Munns said...

Gracias Mary!
I figure that the slides are there to do a fair bit of the talking... the pressure is off a bit... least thats what I have told myself!
thanks friend... I'll borrow that image of you cheering me on'll help!

r said...

wow great invite Sophie...
and i see you are also speaking at the next writers group meeting.
so happens that the co ordinator Bev is a longtime family friend...

good luck tonight!

Sophie Munns said...

thanks Roz!
How amazing.... Bev is just wonderful! Its been such an excellent connection this group!!
I'm delighted to know!