Monday, July 4, 2011

a peaceful day... slow time!

It was one of those Sundays, a little too rare, where the line up of old movies on TV was just perfect, the day chilly, quiet and all mine ... without a list of must-do's haunting me! So tired was I from a huge week that I kept falling asleep missing most of it! 

It was my birthday yesterday...  shared with friends in the afternoon and then a later meeting for dinner. Simple, relaxing and just lovely. One friend brought roses, another mimosa blossoms ... what we call wattle! Family baked a luscious orange almond cake served on a large fancy plate with pink camelia petals surrounding it and orange candles... so pretty.  Flowers... hand picked or not... they do bring delight. Small heartful offerings from family and friends still bring a smile. 

A usual I'm slow to download photos of late ... so imaginations instead please ... and here are some Seed Capsules Tumblr images... a good stand-by!

Jade Pegler via Epli


Consuelo Kanaga - Light Through Glass, n.d.
regardintemporelConsuelo Kanaga - Light Through Glass, n.d.

(via mothtales)
(via mothtales)

(via mothtales)
(via mothtales)
nb. I hope to find and read this book.. Patience Grey is a favourite of mine... I read this
book was huge in England and put med. food on the map before Elizabeth David.


Hand sewn wedding invitations by the brilliant Rifle!
mothtales:  Hand sewn wedding invitations by the brilliant Rifle!
interesting idea ...yes?


Crete ~ Chania by Atli Haroarson :)
magicalnaturetour:  Crete ~ Chania by Atli Haroarson :) 
Oh I did love this place on Crete!


inspiring art…
also via mothtales:


Brown paper has never looked so good!
mothtales:  Brown paper has never looked so good!
You must click on the photos of this little girl and seethe fantastic costumes made for this event. So charming.. and clever!

Speaking of charming....
    and whimsical in the extreme!

                Have you heard of a tiny pet cloud?





Curious idea... !

Anyway, better be off now...

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend... and those of you celebrating a national holiday... enjoy!

S x


Maggie Neale said...

Happy Birthday Sophie! So glad I happened upon my dashboard just now so I could be here to wish you a happy inspired year ahead. Love your collected images from twitter especially the paper bag dress. Glad you were celebrated with flowers. be well.

iNd!@nA said...

happy Birthday Sophie dear!

r said...

oooh , happy happy birthday!
that cake sounded [ assuming it is now all gone :p ] delicious AND very pretty ...

ronnie said...

a slightly late but very large


Sophie Munns said...

Oh how lovely to emerge from another good long sleep (2 in a row!) and find your lovely messages awaiting me.
Maggie, India, Ros and Ronnie thankyou indeed!

I'm only sorry I cant offer you all tea and cake from here right now ... and hear all your stories for a good hour or two!
Your greetings are just lovely!
cheerio now!

betsy best-spadaro said...

Happy Birthday Sophie! And congratulations on two nights in a row of luscious sleep!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

happy pet cloud, er, birthday to you, sophie! by the sounds of it, you had yourself a lovely one...:)

Sophie Munns said...

Thank you Betsy!
that sleep is a gift in itself!
ps nice to hear from you!

Had to laugh... pet cloud is something ha?
thank you N ... very sweet!
ps now I need to find time - maybe tonight - to go on a big bloggy excursion and say hello to lovely people who've been dropping in here whilst I have not been around!

Lucy said...

happy birthday, darls. xx

Anonymous said...

Happy (belated) birthday Sophie! It sounds like you had a great day and the description of your cake has my mouth watering.
Beautiful, intriguing collection of images, as always - the stitched invitation is lovely.
Have a wonderful week!

Sophie Munns said...

... thanks for a sweet message! Be in touch! Soon!

thank you for the lovely thoughts and yes...i was quite taken with the idea of a hand stitched invite...
orange and pink on a cake... very nice indeed!
A wonderful week also to you!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I hope I'm not too late...Happy Birthday! Flowers, friends and cake sounds like a great day!

Sophie Munns said...

no not too late ... so sweet to read your message Maryanne...and yes...lovely combination ... friends, flowers,cake... does leave a lingering sense of well being.
lovely to hear from you!

Missouri Bend Paper Works said...

Happy Birthday...sounds like you had a lovely day! Those quiet days with nothing pressing are heavenly!
Love those seed pods too! Cheers! Patti

Velma said...

happy birthday!!! i wish i could give you a pet cloud, but i can instead give you the idea to tame a wild cloud!

Sophie Munns said...

Hello Patti,
lovely to hear from you... arent they good...slow days! And pleasant birthdays.
Have not popped back to see how you fared in the floods... was feeling a little anxious on your behalf ... hope all is well now!

Hello Velma...
oh those wild clouds... yes they need some serious taming some of them. Cant help thinking of those dark twisters that came via the news last month from your part of the world...
These pet clouds look so harmless...
thanks for your greetings!

em said...

happy birthday! glad i didn't miss it by too much! been busy and overwhelmed by new job, but all is good. love the collection of images, especially the dress in mothtales. and where's the photo of the orange almond cake with camellia blossoms? *mouth watering.*

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Em,
thanks for your b'day greetings ... very glad to hear the next chapter arrived for you... wonderful news!
The paper dress was fab... and as yet no photo of cake... have a funny relationship with new camera... weird downloading function..I must figure out!

Janis said...

Happy (belated) Birthday dear Sophie! ! ! Your days sound like they were perfectly spent - and so colorful! All those flowers and the lovely cake and plate - VIBRANT to match your amazing energy :^)

Happy new week my friend and thanks for the visuals in this post. How do you manage to find so many great things and so often? Boggles the mind! xoxo

Sophie Munns said...

I love that your imagination was able to conjur up the gathering and such Janis.... my camera skills need addressing.
Thanks for your lovely greeting ...your'e sweet!
Ah those tumblr images ... they just tumble out of the sky.... seriously ...its quite quick to make discoveries over I like to poach that site of course!
and a lovely week to you friend across the ocean!