Friday, June 3, 2011

You're invited to this weekend's event for World Environment Day ...and by the way...where did this week go?

Burning the midnight oil ... got completely engrossed in painting late yesterday afternoon and put in a very long session when really there had been other plans. Oh well! No photos of that yet.

Instead here's a couple of snaps from the saturday workshop up the coast. 14 of us in all..  it went far too quickly. Maybe the need to get some paint on canvas yesterday same from being in such a beautiful area over the weekend (see previous post) ... and this wonderful class who turned up with the most fantastic finds from the bush and coast-line near where they all live. We managed to fit in slow time for close observation drawings and then some much more experimental painterly work on paper... where was I with my camera for that?

Tonight Ive been going through notes and material on seeds and biodiversity for the weekend event I'm doing... I found poems and quotes I'd saved, basically everything I needed and more. I liked the lines from the piece below:

         "each latent cell puts out a future,
                  unfolds its differing complexity..."


If you are in Brisbane on Saturday then come along... I put all the details about the program here for you to read and you can go to the Hillbrook website to see the program, list of stall, speakers and entertainment. There's a fabulous recycling set-up for computer gear, bikes, clothing... you name it.

Sutainability Day falls on the weekend of World Environment Day celebrations which I posted on here at this blog and here at the Homage blog recently. The UN titled this year's WED theme " Nature at your service" and the year is dedicated to forests... so as a tribute to trees I'll include these thoughts.

loved this tree I photographed at the Wellington Botanic Gardens  in New Zealand.
Its on my screensaver'... along with other travel photos and everytime it
comes up on the large screen I have to stop and gaze!

Enjoy your weekend everyone... I'll not be around for a few days really!


betsy best-spadaro said...

Thank you for sharing the Chinese proverb and your photograph of the tree! Lovely, lovely, lovely!

Anonymous said...

Sophie, Well done and huge success for the event and weekend!!! I don't know where you get your energy. You are amazing.

The images of the sketchbooks/ and participants from this weekends class are wonderful. It sounds like it was an amazing event.

The quotes are something to truly ponder and relish. The Chinese one is so simple but, true.

Love the tree. So old, twisted from life. So interesting.

Sophie Munns said...

Hello Betsy...
the chinese proverb cuts through... I was just thinking its so poignant considering the huge rehabilition of land through tree planting being carried out in China right now to counter tremendous environmental threats they're recognising!.

Mary.... how sweet you are. I've got some good companions coming along to help so it will be festive and a lot of fun... so much good stuff to connect with
... people, ideas etc.
I think a nice dinner out Saturday night and big sleep after that..
glad you like the quotes and that amazing tree!

em said...

pretty post... can't wait to see your travel photos! have fun!

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Em...
good to have a camera again!