Friday, June 17, 2011

two things to share with you!

Bloggers...  for all of you ...artists, designers, makers, gardeners, carers, world-makers, thinkers ...
all of you who love the authentic... the precious... the gift of time plus hearts and minds put to good purposes...

Chloe proudly showing her drawing!

biocultural heritage diagram

This graphic is about protecting the interlinked systems of Biocultural heritage...
                       What I hear you ask?

Well thats the whole thing... all of us...  every living thing on this planet.... every language, cultural tradition, blade of grass and more.

And no... life is always changing and we cant keep things still... but we do need to understand the links and act now to preserve a great deal of what is passing.

Revered Goddess via Ghost Colours tumblr

Secondly... I'll share this thought with you from indigenous people of Chile:

"The seeds are our mothers because they nurture us. Sometimes they become our babies, and they need our protection, care and warmth. In other moments they are our sisters, with whom we enjoy, sing and dance. That's how we are all family in our Andean world."

please visit the homage blog where you can read more on this and leave a comment today if you will....

Sophie x
    and a good weekend to you all!


La Dolce Vita said...

it is all one isn't it... we are all one... energy...xx

Anonymous said...

Happy Weekend Sophie! And thank you for all you do!
ps. for the reblog!

Maggie Neale said...

It is a time for connecting and building community. We have a sacred fire we are perpetuating at a Sustainability Farm as we prepare to celebrate the Solstice with events from the "Council of All Beings". Summer here, winter, there, but we are thinking along similar lines. Thanks for all your thoughtfulness.

Mlle Paradis said...

i say bravo! what can i add?! it's too true. if only we could all better understand that.

i like the idea of the "relationship" to the seed. it is as fundamental and perfect a miracle as is the miracle of our own human lives. we take the seeds so for granted.

peace out ragazza!

Sophie Munns said...

Merci Caterina,
Mlle P,

I'm delighted to come home from a sunny winter's morning at a grower's market ... where conversations and goodies abound... to find these wonderful thoughts waiting to be read!

I appreciate how each one of you has a special way of celebrating these biocultural connections that enrich our lives and are the very fabric of existance...
here's to this extraordinary and precious bio-culturally-diverse world of ours.
Sophie xo

Sharmon Davidson said...


Sophie Munns said...

Gracias Sharmon!