Tuesday, April 13, 2010

a little late-night armchair touring!

Winding up a session in the studio with a little hop across to Paris... why not?
Found at ensuite.blogspot.com were links to various people in their homes... a fav. of mine - peering into people's worlds! When you open the blog through the link above just look on the right sidebar and you will see 25 or so places to visit.
I clicked on Nathalie Lete because I posted on her last year and wrote for permission for using the photos and got a very lovely reply and a wonderful animated xmas card months later. I am posting some images from ensuite's take on nathalie lete.


janis said...

Yes! ...and by the way, you do have the best links to explore Sophie. I have found some wonderful places to go from here. This place is a treasure chest of goodies :^)
xoxo, j.

Sophie Munns said...

Dear Janis,
a note from you always brightens the day.
Is it not an amazing privilege to have this opportunity at our finger tips?
So glad to pass on the inspiration that is around...
We who are among the physically well-nourished on this planet are easily distracted by possessions and status... I think its our capacity for joy and humanity and sharing that matter more!
And I'm glad bloggers do that in many different ways.
ciao Bella,
S xoxo

nathalie et cetera said...

h my! i want to move there! what a beautiful space. thank you for sharing and thank you for your nice comments in my blog!

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Nathalie,
Looks like a wonderful place to live and work all in one.... beautiful indeed.
Its a pleasure to visit and as I said earlier you website shows just how muilti-talented you are...I was quite awed!

Anonymous said...

He that travels far knows much. ....................................................

Sophie Munns said...

Thanks for your thoughts,

Mlle Paradis said...

Love Nathalie Lete! Hi Sophie. I'm metaphorically travelling far but as for knowing so much this week, I'll get back to you! Except that my feet are so sore!

Thanks for stopping by. No, you did not have a tech glitch or hallucination, I posted M. Fedden by accident, completely forgetting I had just posted my neighborhood pics. I'm a little distracted doing the family thing and trying to fit it in with my usual errands.

Talk to you again soon! Happy journeyings yourself!

Mlle Paradis said...

Hi Sophie - just tried to leave a comment not sure if you got it. Anyway, happy journeying and I'll talk to you soon!

Sophie Munns said...

Hello Mlle Paradis,
lovely to hear from you ...who sounds very busy at the moment!
Its morning and today I must get this art work up the coast and hang the show... a little fatigued ...but the energy will return I'm sure.
Thanks for your warm message!

em said...

how inspiring! when i put out so many things, my house just looks cluttered. hers looks like a masterwork!

Sophie Munns said...

Yes... it certianly does Em! ...I used to be quite like this myself... once!


isabelle said...

I just bought a little suitcase with Nathalie's painting on it ... I love her work !!

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Isabelle,
she's such a charming artist...I would like some of her plates!
loved the forest walk on your blog!