Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Brisbane based artist Chrys Zantis and the landscape of Resiliance

I am in the process of finding out more about this wonderful project by the very talented Chrys Zantis whom I met through the lively bunch at Brisbane Artists Development Co-op last year. She is going to be at the King George Square in Brisbane City this Sunday at midday to join in the Crafternoon event  presented by Brisbane City Council. If you are in or from around Brisbane and love to knit, chat, and drink tea...then it certainly sounds like the place to be.
To find out more on the Community Art project dont hesitate to email or phone Chrys about this excellent work in progress.

To see more from Chrys' solo projects click here.

...and on a great post by grrl+dog where these fabulous knitted spoons are featured!

Chrys is one of those very valuable and generous creative people in the community who isn't afraid to make you laugh - a lot - but always gets you thinking. Good luck with the latest project Chrys!


chrys zantis said...

gee sophie i aspire to be the on the ball go getter blogger like you.
thank-you so much for this homage.

Sophie Munns said...

...its a pleasure!
Tonight I'm circling around the computer trying to print off some things why not... the real reason...I thought the crafternoon was I thought I really had to be zippy!

Its was too good a project not to tell people about.
Having lived in Melbourne where these sorts of things seem to happen all over the place I would encourage people here to get more into all this communal dialogue and exchange - its good for the soul. If we aren't creative we remain unfulfilled people who act as lighthouses like you need people like me to put it on their blogs!


La Dolce Vita said...

love the spoon wraps, looks like great fun and creativity..

Candice Herne said...

here here! Sophie!love what you write. Buy the way Rhody was so thrilled you liked his drawing he has written you a personnel message on my blog. Candyxx

Sophie Munns said...

2 lovely commenters...hello girls!

Cat... a most fascinating approach to the antique and pre-used ... makes you stop and look...definitely a good thing. Nice to hear from you!

Hi Candy,
It was a fun post to write... when I saw it on the BADC blog the other day I thought i would like to pass on the request for people to link in as it has a really wonderful potential to connect people on something with a strong and important message but in a way that will be fun and alive and really draw people in.
Chrys's gift for humour crosses many boundaries...and in a warm way!
I'm glad Rhody was pleased...I will have to return to see what he said! Tell him I shall look forward to seeing more!

nathalie et cetera said...

oh the spoons are so lovely!

Sophie Munns said...

Chrys will be glad to hear you like them....thanks Nathalie!

em said...

spoon cozies! nuff said! fabulous!

Sophie Munns said...

Thanks Em... Chrys will enjoy to read this Im sure!

turfcareaustralia said...

Simply AWESOME! This is highly creative and unique. Keep the great work going.
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