Monday, April 5, 2010

Exhibition coming up soon: April 18 and 19

Please click on this invite to enlarge for reading. The exhibition runs for 3 weeks from April 17th in Noosaville, on the Sunshine Coast.
Embiggen Books and Gallery - 'where art meets science' -

If you require further information please make contact through channels listed on invite. It would be great to see you there...!!!
PS: I say that in jest to all my overseas and interstate friends in the blogosphere ....I'm sorry it is SO far away! 2 hours from Brisbane makes it something of a hike for locals. For some it happily coincides with other reasons for heading up that way. Thanks for the good wishes from those far away and/or unable to be there!!

On another tangent - but curiously related:


Its a hollow wooden box measuring 22 x 50 cm (approx) inlaid with a mosaic of shell, red limestone and lapis lazuli. Reading more about this is fascinating - I googled Standard of Ur - it was found in quite a decayed state in the cemetry of the ancient city of Ur which is south of present day Bagdad in Iraq.
 When studying the art of ancient cultures, aged about 14, I came across this particular work, finding it deeply compelling - so much so that I must have imprinted it on my brain. About 14 years later I visited the British Museum  returning on a number of occasions to look at this extraordinary work whilst living in London.

When a dear friend Jen visited recently from out of town and we were in the studio talking rapidly about various things I showed her some small recent works similar to my invitation imagery above and then googled the Standard of Ur and commented that it was remarkable but one day not so long ago I had made a link between my passion for a certain form of composition and colour that had visited me in work on and off over the years and this ancient art work.
As a doctor currently researching on the brain and memory Jen had a most interesting view to offer on how the brain stores memory of something like this small art work, its colour and form which I was so taken by, and years later could offer up aspects of that work as I scoured my mind for inspiration in the studio. We were able to trace the connection in other small works I had saved and kept in my studio...curiously ones I never wanted to sell as they were like talismans.
It was very obvious to her the link to this ancient artwork and my contemporary motifs... and she could also recognise the fact of it having surfaced in this very indirect way. It never came from an  attempt to consciously replicate this work in any way.
No doubt many of us are doing this day in and day out in our studies and elsewhere. To understand the evolution of one's aesthetic concerns however it makes sense to travel back  and trace these important influences on our ways of seeing and appreciating the world. There is no doubt in my mind why something so ancient yet so refined- the panel on one side is titiled "War", the other side is "Peace" is so important to me. The small section above is from "Peace" - the previous panel "War".
Reading a warm comment from Mary-Anne of Blue Sky Dreaming this morning pushed me to go back to the post and add this reflection.
This small ancient work found 70 years ago in great disrepair  still speaks to us today - coming from the site  in a country we have visited our contemporary values of 'War' and 'Peace' on. Thats a thought!


Liv Sørvaag said...

Hi Sophie !
Wish you good luck with the exhibition !
wish I could be there !
B. Liv

Sophie Munns said...

Thank you Liv!

such a shame you're so far away ...I recall you spent time at Noosa a long time ago?

thanks for popping in Liv,

Altoon Sultan said...

All the best on the show. I hope you'll post the work online so those of us too far to see the actual paintings can see them.

nathalie et cetera said...

i wish i could see your exhibition! i hope you will take lots of photos. You must be really busy these days. Wishing you good work.

Sophie Munns said...

Thank you for the good wishes Altoon.
Yes...I will post images after they go up. At the moment i'm hopping around b/w works and it will be good to have completion of this stage.
I'm now actually really keen to get back into the fresh air over at the Gardens after this past few weeks!

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Nathalie,
Thank you for the lovely message.
I have been surrounded by books and ideas and just swimming in it all. The busy-ness has been the extra stimulation of all the material on seeds and biodiversity I've been reading and through which I have had to forge my path!
No one will be more surprised than me to see what I have done... when I step back. I'm too immersed at the moment!

La Dolce Vita said...

love your new blog look Sophie and best wishes on the exhibition! wish I was closer! LOL!! a lot closer, eh??!!!

Sophie Munns said...

Thank you Caterina... la Dolce Vita!
It was certainly time for a spruce up... its good that it feels comfortable and people are still visiting!

It would be just lovely to have a gathering of blogger friends float in on the Pacific for half a day (or as long as they wished) - have a glass of wine at the show, a really good natter and float off again!

It makes you so curious to see where people are as well as what they are up to! Have a great week after what was I hope a lovely easter Cat!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

This must be so exciting...the image of "Homage to the Seed" is wonderful! I've spent a good deal of time just enjoying the colors! I'm on the other side of the world but will delight in all your photos and descriptions of the opening.. again, congratulations!

Nicola Moss said...

Congratulations Sophie, I am sure all your hard work will make for a great exhibition. Enjoy your show when it opens.
Unfortunately not sure I will make it to Noosa.
Best wishes Nicola.

Vivi said...

I'm a tad far to attend (North Carolina in the US), but it looks great! Have fun!

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Mary-anne (Blue sky dreaming),
I'm glad you resonated with the colours... I made an interesting connection recently when talking with a friend which reading your comment prompted me to add to this post.
So...I thank you for the fact of your sensitivity to the colour...which is I believe part of what I'm searching for - its tied up with the less tangible ways of provoking something in the viewer...passing on something so beyond words even...too illusive to properly speak of really.
Again and again I find essential inspiration outside of the Europe traditions of the previous milliennium - not completely by any means - far from it ...but a certain hunger for intangibles takes me further afield in place and time.
So...thank you for the inspiration of generous and sensitive thoughts Mary-anne!

Sophie Munns said...

Hello Nicola,
thanks for your best wishes!
At a guess it would be a good 7 hour round trip for you.... so I certainly appreciate your message.
Once I actually have the show up I'm bound to enjoy being up on the coast and will stay a couple of nights to enjoy the views, some fresh air and swimming.
I noticed your'e busy on a show for Sydney as well as your local all good wishes for that Nicola!

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Vivi...
the blogosphere in some ways makes the world seem small...then reality clunks in...I do appreciate your warm wishes all the way from Nth Carolina!
best to you,

janis said...

CONGRATULATIONS Sophie! You deserve this - your work is really really amazing and I WISH I could be there to see your show in person. Big hug!

ps. Thank you for your thoughtful comments on my blog - I always look forward to seeing you there ... xoxo, j.

Sophie Munns said...

Hey Janis,
just as I sent off a message to you one came in from you!
Much appreciated...and so would love your company at the show... the different takes people have are food for thought ..your well chosen words never fail to cut through! Well.... I will imagine you are there - genuine encouragement is a good friend!
ditto about the thoughtful ps bit!
Sophie xoxo

Mlle Paradis said...

Hi Sophie! Gorgeous gorgeous posts on your other sites - I hadn't been for about a week and boy did I miss alot! As always, wish I could stay all day but there are bills to pay and other jobs. Congratulations on the show. So sorry I can't be there! I'll be back soon!

Sophie Munns said...

Mlle Paradis,
You bring sunshine and enthusiasm to this corner of the globe... thank you for delightful comments ... as always and yes... those tricky bills and 'to do' lists have a way of getting loud if they don't get answered.
I must pop over soon for a cup of tea...or rather...get a cup of tea here and pop over in the blogosphere to see what you are up to!
I think one day you will come to this spot on the map - the good traveller that you are!
ciao bella,

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Sophie, I am so impressed with this beautiful connection you have with the ancient artifacts and your ongoing vision of seeds. I believe we are all lovingly connected to the/our past and in our own perfect way. Where one artist feels strongly about ancient Chinese art, another has passion for ancient Egyptian. As artists, I believe we just don't know all the reasons for our connections and that we need to just trust and continue in our own art making, being surprised by the pull of the ancient in our work. Again best to you in your show!

Sophie Munns said...

Interesting as you say Maryanne (B S Dreaming) how we feel the pull of the ancient... for some it may be quite different what is drawing them, just as compellingly. I find it fascinating the way 'the ancient' sneaks up and grabs me at times.
I was so excited to find last week, in a book I have been working with a while, images of fossilised seeds found in Tasmania and dating back to possibly 30 million years ago. Riveting to read about and see what was discovered not so long ago that has an intact form.... small... but still intact.
Thank you for your thoughts on this tangent that was inspired by your first comment to add yesterday... and for your warm message!

Sophie Munns said...


Maggie Neale said...

Best of luck with your exhibition, Sophie. Wish I could twitch my nose and be there! Love the artifacts from Ur....when my boys were young, we had a board game form Ur, but we could never really understand how to play it well to make it a good game. Nice graphics though.

Sophie Munns said...

Lovely to hear from you Maggie.
I know that "twitch the nose" feeling you speak of. Dont you love the idea you could pop in on blogger friends and see in the flesh what so good about knowing them!
How fascinating that board game. Do you still have it tucked away? I wonder what the creator of it was thinking?

La Dolce Vita said...

ok! I was here, now I get it!!LOL!!!