Tuesday, December 2, 2014


OPEN STUDIO week concluded yesterday after 9 busy days open from Midday most days.

The experience was well-timed for a complete makeover of the space... paintings came down off the walls and works on paper wall-papered the entire space.

It was incredibly refreshing and stimulating with all this material around... those who may have thought it too maximal were too polite to say and many found it interesting  and took time to gaze at things.

The Artist talks were a really productive part of the 9 day event... I so enjoyed having two artists come to share their stories and work... and I also ended up doing two different talks on the journal process which was a very unique experience to actually be surrounded by so many of my journals and works to refer to. Often I talk with a Slideshow for prop... quite a good process as the images are lively... however the intimacy of this weeks talks prompted a great discussion through sharing primary materials first hand!

Some of my journals

...on the table after the groups left Sunday morning.

I'd forgotten what was included in some of these journals not looked at in ages. 

Wednesday's talk with Lesa Hepburn was fantastic .... she brought fibre and paper samples and did a demo of some paper-making processes which got my imagination working. I am planning to go to an exhibition at Redcliffe near where she lives this weekend featuring Paper. I rather wished this talk have been taped ... I felt like I was hearing so much I wanted to know more of!

I certainly hope to see much more of Lesa Hepburn's work... her knowledge and experience leaves one wanting to learn much more!

On Friday afternoon I was delighted to have photographic artist Renata Buziak at the studio doing a talk on her fascinating Biochromes ... a process she developed with photographic materials and decomposing plant matter that is really something to observe.

Her time lapse images were stunning and the range of ways she has applied her work absolutely riveting. Through the period of her current PhD her exploration of plants used in medicine and healing has grown ... taking her back to the cultural context of her homeland Poland and to the Indigenous people of North Stradbroke Island in Moreton Bay.

The one thing about this 9 day Open Studio I particularly valued was the exchanges... I went into it having worked alone in the studio most of the year... often in a really intense and ultra focused way. Through these new interactions I found I was able to hold onto that atmosphere of it being a dense thinking space... but in a an entirely different  and collaborative way.

I've started this new week considerably refreshed by the experience ... keen to follow up on some excellent exchanges and ideas... even possible collaborations with the artists.

I worked this afternoon with Renata at the school project 100 Futures Now we've both been part of this year... tomorrow an exhibition of what was created with Yr 8 Students will be shown to parents and friends.

The Studio is going to be OPEN each THURSDAY till Xmas and by appointment if anyone wishes to visit. Sophie is on 0430 599 344.... call or text a message if you wish to get in contact.


Caterina Giglio said...

Wow, wow, wow! great images... all and to be refreshed after it all, well... that is remarkable!! Congrats on a great show.. xo

Sharmon Davidson said...

Sophie, your studio with all your work on the walls looks amazing! I'm glad everything went so well. I find Renata's work really inspiring; thanks for sharing all this!

Printed Material said...

Sophie , it's lovely to see all this work displayed. I like 'maximal'! Have to follow the links to Lesa and Renata too now, both sound fascinating. So good to see you as productive and stumulated as ever!

Carole Reid said...

Honestly, Sophia, your energy, enthusiasm and love of gathering people together is such a pleasure to read about. I just wish I lived closer so I could see it all in action! 9 days...... a long time but I bet it felt too short for you at the end. Here's to your continued refreshing and outflow of creative works.
Happy December to you. It's getting cold here.
xo Carole

Sophie Munns said...

How lovely to hear from you wonderful People!

After all this time and so much neglect I decided to create a clean and shiny blog from the slightly dusty, sadly ignored site it was.... and then I ran out of time to respond properly.

Back soon for a real comment to each of you!

S xoxo