Sunday, November 10, 2013

words, ideas and all that!

I had some good weeks painting...

looking out on the garden from the studio window

then other jobs were beckoning to me and getting noisier till I took notice. I'd not quite finished painting the walls of the studio so that was also waiting ... and then there was promo to do for the up-coming Studio Launch. I tried designing a new Mail-chimp E-News bulletin which worked well with a simplified Mobile compatible template.

Only problem was words kept leaping out at me and wanting to be written. That led to another problem ... I wasn't sure about where this newsletter was going but, a few drafts later and its out!

This will take you to that newsletter... if time permits you a read. 

And don't forget the invitation to the Studio Launch to be held in two weeks time. All inquiries welcome!


I hope to get back to a little more frequent posting before too long ... wishing a good week to all!


Mlle Paradis said...

all good stuff! i'm off to do some studio painting myself - of the wall kind sadly this space!

or, yknow, that other one: p.p.


Sophie Munns said...

The dreaded studio walls mlle p ... still have not done the architraves... they are staring at me this Monday morning... so good luck with completing yours!

Thanks for the warm message,

Gloria Freshley Art and Design said...

Hello Sophie, I've just spent 45 minutes catching up on your posts and reading your newsletter (yes, in its entirety!) Thank you for continuing forward in your work with such conviction. What you are doing is so important! Thank you for raising awareness around the globe. I'm sure the ripple effect is far greater than you can imagine. Art.Seed.Lab is a wonderful concept and I look forward to seeing what develops.
Will your 50 small works on paper be for sale?

Sophie Munns said...

Thanks so much Gloria!

Wow... people truly deserve brownie points for reading the whole newsletter! Thank you ... an thanks for your very fine comments.

Its most helpful to get feedback as one can question quite harshly the way one might be read. I was trying to hint at the fact I do get terrified about how things will be received even though I go ahead and put it out there in the line of fire.

A ripple effect is a nice thought Gloria... all of us who teach or write or share our work, especially when it has that layer of working for earth stewardship values do hope there will be a flow on so thank you for that encouragement.

Yes... I am selling the works individually or in small series. WIll price them this weekend as they could go OS ... 200 x 110 mm on cotton paper will be modest packaging cost!
best to you,

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Oh Sophie I wish I could visit your open studio & see your new space. I hope your moving & regrouping is over & you are happily settled. We have completed our sale/move but still no studio for me. I am envious. Best wishes!