Thursday, November 28, 2013

Weekend Launch in pictures!

This image was taken at the end of the Studio Launch weekend just passed...

I've snapped photos on my iphone and they are not really in 
any order here... so hopefully it wont be too confusing!

A new plate from the Biodiversity Conversation Plate 
Series painted last week, based on the  Pongamia Seedpod

This series of porcelain work was based on the seed clusters that
you can see on the left in this image... in indigo, brown and black.

A vignette with artworks in the background

The gallery wall along the front hallway

Looking out to the front of the studio on the 
right and hallway to the front door on the right

These photos look across the table to the studio wall 
above ... and below to the hallway 'gallery' wall.

Furniture was moved to another room  to optimise hanging space

new shelves were added last week

Works on paper on display

Looking in from the front door

The 5 metre hallway makes a great gallery space

The niche at the end of the hall is an interesting
 viewing space... and the triptych on the left 
managed to fit quite well on this section of wall.

works in progress

views of the room from various angles

the flowers from a friend's garden

Below is the watercolour series of works 
painted on Cotton paper a month ago.


Image taken during the Launch

Two friends who've collected my work.

A lovely crowd gathered for the 5pm launch or came Saturday 
or Sunday for a chat and viewing of the new space.

the end of the weekend...

Looking into the house form the garden path

closing the front gate at the weekend's end.

It been a huge week or two but I've managed to catch my breath now and have been busy following through on various tasks after the event. I was glad to get more sleep this week... but I have to say... it's been such a worthwhile undertaking ... holding this celebration of the next chapter at a new studio named to refer to the direction I'm keen to pursue next at SEED.ART.LAB. 

before I go I will add one more pic.

Tomorrow is Thursday and until Xmas I am going to open the Studio each Thursday from Midday to 8pm as various ones unable to attend on the weekend wanted to come by. So you can either call and make a time or simply come and visit one Thursday. 

This Saturday I will also be open for several appointments.... so don't be shy if you are in this part of the world!

Cheers all!
Back to the blogosphere soon I hope. It seems awhile since I  travelled around visiting my fellow blog friends. Apologies and best to all!


Valerianna said...

Wow, Sophie, the studio looks AMAZING! I also love the photos with folks in their plaids and a few women in printed dresses that seem to fit right in with your work, wonderful! Looking forward to following your trajectory, clearly a lot of energy brewing here!

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Oh Sophie, what a beautiful studio! I am so impressed & just a little envious. Congratulations! Looks like you had a wonderful weekend sharing you beautiful new space!

Carole Reid said...

Absolutely beautiful and welcoming! Well done, Sophie. Congratulations to you. Your hard work was worth it! xo Carole

Mlle Paradis said...

it all looks so lovely! i'm digging your newer green palate (and lovely green vitrine). you must be thrilled to bits - oh and the ceramics too! paola navone would be jealous.

Sophie Munns said...

So glad you like Valerianna! Good energy coming in adds to the mix.
Love it when the fabrics and painting mix and match... I'm a great one for juxtapositions... lots of joy in the clash of it all!
Big thanks for ongoing encouragement V!

Lovely to hear from you Sally! Remember those months in limbo... I know you've been there too! Great when it comes to an end and life moves on and one can get stuck it. Thanks for your warm message! Studio envy is a good thing... gives us something to aim towards. Pure luck we found a house that met our other criteria that also gave me this space... the gods of real estate were looking out for the forlorn artist after 5 months looking!

Merci Carole!
Really did finally all come together ... and now i have a blossoming Gum tree outside the studio window that attracts rainbow lorikeets who make lots of song and fuss when they fly in! So lovely!

Thank you mlle paradis!
Yes ... after the predominant blue brown theme it was great to break out with the tropical colour. I just googled Paola Navone and I swooned over everything.... then saw the blue on white crate and barrel plates... VERY nice. LOve what she does... Ive seen bits from her but never consciously looked her up before.
Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit behind in the studio story. congratulations.
do you live here as well? do you share the space?

is there a link in which has the studio story?


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Congratulations on a successful opening!! Your work looks wonderful and your guests look pleased ... quite a crowd. So smart to continue the openness with more available studio visits! Thanks for this great sharing tour.

Velma Bolyard said...

sophie, it all looks grand, and i love seeing all those watercolors together. the third photo and the larger plate makes me happy.

Sophie Munns said...

Oh... I did get way behind in communication since the launch.

Nance... its so easy to miss details that make sense of change in the life of those we visit in the blogosphere. I feel I am hugely out of touch and if I can find a post that spells it out I will send a link!

I do live here as well ... space-sharing will happen for classes, possible work-experience students and the odd event. Otherwise its my studio and family and friends who pop in can be found here from time to time.
Thanks for your kind wishes!

Sophie Munns said...

Thank you indeed Maryanne!
I'm cherishing the more permanent nature of this space. That is such a gift for one who's moved too often than she cared to!

The rest is icing on the cake ... the people who came ... the lovely energy in the space... the possibilities now open for ongoing exchange. People have brought me seeds and plants and horticultural knowledge as we walked around the garden which we will add to... not lots of space but still room to create some interesting garden beds.

Appreciate your visits and comments always M!

Sophie Munns said...

hello Velma!
lovely that you liked those pieces that were the last of the porcelain series. The large plate pulled me into a very deep space late one night... was just blissful working on that.
Glad to be making putting down roots!
Best to you...

Mary Jo said...

How I'd love to stop in and surprise you! we'd have a cup of tea and fruit and biscuits served on a lovely plate! until that day, thank you for inviting me in via your blog,,keep up the *GREAT* work! Everything so vivid and lovely! (P.S.--waiting for PayPal!)