Wednesday, August 14, 2013

that other kind of painting!

Some pics...
     from my new home. 

Finally moved here a few weeks ago... BUT  still waiting for phone internet connection so have spent precious little time online.

In some ways its HUGELY annoying... in another ways not.

However.. I certainly miss popping in to visit online friends and blogs... so hello to anyone passing by here...  should be back in business soon!

This is my new studio...
     being painted at present ahead of delivery of some new things to fit it out ready for action.

Lovely to have an outdoor space for taking my morning coffee!

Dinner cooked for me here was delicious... enjoying fresh salads and fruit now back in my own home!

Last week gave this lecture to Interior Desgin Students at QUT as in Queensland University of Technology where I do sessional work from time to time. Love the people I work with here and always enjoy giving this lecture.

Gets me thinking further about all these ideas and concepts!

The other day I discovered a very odd thing... that my entire Photo library on my computer has distorted all images into wider format. Then I checked my various online sites and ditto. Have yet to visit the Apple store which is 5 mins from my new home. Hope there is a simple solution to this peculiar event.

Keen to rectify that situation as quickly as possible!

Best wishes to all,
Sophie x


Valerianna said...

Love the feel of your outdoor coffee spot! Looking forward to more photos as set-up unfolds, and hope you figure out the strange photo format, how odd!

Sophie Munns said...

Its magic getting to know all the corners and spaces of this new home Valerianna!
I went out with coffee the other morning and sat down and began noticing the light which struck me suddenly as magnificent with the dappled effect from vegetation and timber slats... a simple view but deeply satisfying!

The odd 'problemo' could be as simple as not having downloaded updates for a while!

Hope all is good in your patch of this crazy old world!

annamaria said...

Hi Sophie, happy to see you all moved in at your new place. I am such a 'home-person' I really understand the uncomfortable feeling when between places. It looks lovely from your little photo snippets. Enjoy!

Sophie Munns said...

Lovely to hear from you Annamaria!

Nothing like a move, especially when the between bit is drawn out, to remind one what we can all too easily take for granted. Good to share understanding on that.

Listening to the radio last week I heard someone discussing how triumphant travel can feel... but how that is often dependant on the fact of having an anchor, base, home waiting for one. I thought that was very true.

To be on the move and feel one has nowhere to come back to... that is likely to be a whole other situation!

Good painting to you!

ronnie said...

nice to hear its all coming together (except the piccies...) xx

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I just knew you would turn that patio area into a wonderful oasis complete with chairs and such...lovely!
Oh painting walls...I love picking out paint chips and dreaming the results...not so much on the actual rolling part! Best of fun getting settled!

india flint said...

it's been such a long time since i took part in the satisfying activity of sloshing whiting onto a on my 'to do' list for summer

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear you are all moved and starting the process of settling in to your new home - wishing you lots of happiness and creative productivity there! And I second Valerianna's comment - your morning coffee spot looks magnificent, a beautiful place to ease in to each new day.
Good luck with the wall painting!

(P.S. Having a devil of a time trying to leave this comment - Blogger and Wordpress don't seem to want to play nicely! So, just to let you know this is suzanne/sakurasnow ‘speaking’ in case the comment appears as 'anonymous'... if it appears at all! :)