Friday, July 19, 2013

"are we here ... yet?"

" “I find the question “Why are we here?” typically human. I’d suggest “Are we here?” would be the more logical choice.” "

— Leonard Nimoy, American actor, film director, poet, musician and photographer, answering the question why we are here in The meaning of Life, LIFE Magazine, Dec 1988. (via amiquote)

Everyone is familiar with the "are we here yet?" question... usually asked by bored children who can't bare the thought of being inside a vehicle or such any longer when the destination is so anticipated.

Perhaps I am like that bored child  of late asking "Are we there yet?" ... so I had to laugh when a quick glance through my tumblr archive this morning took my attention to this statement above from Leonard Nimoy.

I have to admit I've not been asking why am I here at all of late... that is not the mystery it once might have been for  me... instead I'm truly preoccupied with the pending arrival at the new home rather than any of the big philosophical questions.

What I have done as the calendar is crossed off to this all important say is get increasingly interested in what I can create in the space ... colours to paint the walls... new pieces I have found and ideas gathered. Its organic this process... whether I want to think of it or not its just been preoccupying me so much and in a way allows for a less restless wait.

A few pics from my tumblr archives


must be off now... places to go!

Have a good weekend wont you!


Carole Reid said...

Hmmmm.... moving entails all sorts of colour. Lucky you! xo Carole

Sophie Munns said...

The desire to nest Carole has been spent increasingly thinking interior design ... this week ahead I get to actually start dong it for real!

Anonymous said...

Lucky you x
Enjoy your time creating your new home.. something I have never had the pleasure doing, but never say never eh.
Look forward to images of your future home creations.