Friday, December 14, 2012

through the eyes of a child + something new!

This week my grand-nephews, W, aged 4 and P, aged 18 months, came on a trip to the just opened Asia Pacific Triennial at the Gallery of Modern Art and adjacent QLD Art Gallery.
The plan is to return later for a slower and more deliberate viewing. In the company of this pair of art-appreciators an interesting time was certainly had! 

P loved this outrageously bold work above (I was too busy navigating to read who the artist was I'm sorry) but I took a great interest in what they were noticing and responding to. We spent a little time at this one for P's sake. W was busy learning to read notices, like "please do not touch"! Glad to report both were relaxed and easy to take around. GoMA has won awards for its excellent programs for children and its inclusiveness. After this visit I can see why.

W and I proceeded to the yellow room ... you could choose between a yellow or blue room... the given task was set up to mimic the site-specific contruction, a  monolithic yellow cardboard sculpture, located in a nearby space. Model-making skills from Architectural Visualisation tutoring this year were called on to help W create his special house.

The main challenge was leaving plenty of scope for W to choose how his building should look whilst I was on problem-solving and sticky-taping duties. It was soon accomplished and he proudly walked around carrying it for the next few hours... making sure it got home safely.


On to the mask-making room. I shall go back before long and see the actual piece this was based on. Given this Triennial celebrates Art from across the vast Asian continent, out into the Pacific, including Australia and New Zealand, there is an enormous range of work on exhibit. Whilst much of it is contemporary the cultural origins are largely evident with traditional cultural works keenly represented as well. 

Click to visit: The 7th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (APT7) - APT7 marks the twentieth anniversary of the APT, and presents an opportunity to reflect on the unprecedented transformations that have occurred in Australia, Asia and the Pacific over the past two decades. Key themes include transforming landscapes, varied engagements with the city, and the adaptability of local cultures in today's globalised world.

This event challenges and reminds us here in Australia of our geographical, political and cultural position... and specifically who our neighbours are. It asks us to think in terms of different cultural frameworks and ideas... whilst here in this country further honouring the Indigenous culture with its longevity and profoundly significant heritage.

Hard to say exactly what W was making of everything... there was so much to view. Masks clearly speak to children and we had a lot of fun with these.


W thrilled with his efforts!

Little brother joining in!

Artists like Picasso and Matisse came to mind as we moved around. We recall their comments on the child's sense of wonder and way of  experiencing the world avidly when trying to overcome our own fears and blocks about taking artistic risks. My young companions delighted in the the magic of their discoveries...the playfulness and joy was something to really cherish from our day together.

In the Sculpture Garden we took time for a rest. One of the amazing features of the older Gallery is the spectacular inclusion of courtyards and shallow pools of water filled with s bed of stones ... W counted 5 pools and wondered, like I often have, why one can't dip one's toes in... they are incredibly enticing in our hot climate! Blissful it was here. Somehow I suspect we'll be returning in time!

This morning I posted on new studio work using lino-cut motifs at the studio blog here. I've also loaded them onto Albums at Homage to the seed Facebook Page.

100cm x100cm square cotton cloth with acrylic paint

b: acrylic on linen canvas boards and printed cloth

A few weeks ago I started turning some of my artworks on paper from the past few years into Artist books and Journals for the Verandah Market with Roz Hawker, which incidently, was a lovely afternoon spent in conversation with the delightful people who joined us that day.  Roz's sister was an excellent host and the verandah made for a breezy, comfortable setting and good conversations. I am often amazed how much one learns from these kinds of informal opportunities to share one's artwork.

My camera has been out of action in the last month or so... so no photos at the Veranda Market sadly.  A visit to the Camera Store revealed a simple problem and last week I made up for lost time photographing everything I could find needing documentation.

Which brings me to something new...

Ive decided to offer a number of these unique handmade books for sale... enquiries are welcome. 

the infinity book
15 x 21 cm

Infinity Artist book featuring 16 pages is a 
one-off artwork 
on watercolour paper signed by the artist. 

$85 AUD Plus postage


 the black bean pod book
15 x 21 cm

"Black Bean pod" Artist book 
is a 21 x 15 cm, 24 page 
unique lino-printed artwork 
on watercolour paper signed by the artist. 

$125 AUD Plus postage

More photos will be added at Homage to the Seed Facebook page.

NB: Contact me via here if you'd like to make a query or purchase a book. I'll be adding images here at this blog and a link to another site for viewing asap!

When purchasing inside Australia Direct account payment is suggested. Outside Australia payment by credit card available through family business: Adept Display. All questions here.

Enjoy your weekend wont you!


Janis said...

You continue to blow my mind with your energy Sophie. Your work just blooms and amazing.

By the way, my silence is from little time to comment - I apologize. Though I will forever continue to appreciate and read all of the treasures you bring us here. Thanks for your wonderful journal (and you). XX

Sophie Munns said...

So lovely to see what you have been up to Janis... and hear from you too!

I am similarly finding visiting lovely bloggy friends difficult. I am also horrified at how difficult it has become to leave posts with that annoying word verification. You don have that activated. I may have to rethink...or find what some do which means not going through that process. yet still managing to check emails first.

Thanks for for such warm comments. Sometimes it feels like one is in slow motion ...maybe even going backwards so thank you for cheering me on. We are not always the best judges of our progress.
Sweet friend... have a lovely festive season and many blessings for your wonderful new home!
xo S