Sunday, December 16, 2012

NEW: offering artist books for purchase now!

In the last post, published yesterday, I introduced my latest editions to the shelf of Artist books Ive been working on this year. I decided that they were ideal for online exhibiting and why not actually make them available for purchase.

Seed capsules' Artist book

So... Ive just uploaded a series of these completely one-off artist books at my Studio blog with details about each one and how to purchase within Australia or Overseas ... or simply contact me with your inquiries.

The books are a valuable series of artworks in themselves. Using work on paper created over the last year or two I have gone through and chosen which ones to employ / sacrifice in order to reinvent them into book form. I'm also offering them at a seriously reasonable price ...  as framed artwork prices would no doubt be higher.

II: Counting the Seeds II: 21 x 15 cm 16 pages

Over the years there have been times when I've spent hours art-making in formats that never realise anywhere near the cost of making the thing. 

I did feel a little reluctant to tear, alter and reformat works on paper that in some cases meant a lot to me ... or I felt were quite valuable... but I decided to go with this as I work best often when taking risks and trying for curious or unexpected results, relying in part on spontaneity and accident.

Much of my process over years has benefitted and been characterised by this reassembling... it allows the process of sorting, synthesising, coagulating and generally honing ideas and skills. So the books are, I hope for the viewer, special in that each one explores a visual element quite seriously whilst at the same time being a vessel for meditation ... words and ideas collect around the pages ias I work... words i want to write down.
Perhaps enough words will collect and find an appropriate vessel for them to pour into.

Anything is possible.

All I know its that these books do carry enormous significance for me as talismans... they call to those who also want to articulate something perhaps hidden or not yet fully formed.

'Potent world' Artist book 
 21 x 15 cm, 12 pages 

I hope you enjoy seeing what I have been musing on of late. Something is definitely trying to be born!

For the whole story with images of the artist books visit the studio blog now or share a link to your other sites if you wish! 

Sophie xo

You might like to see this general overview via Pinterest of art works from my studio! Work is available for purchase on asking.


nathalie et cetera said...

Dear Sophie,

I'm dropping by to wish you happy Holidays! It's always a joy to visit your blog!

Sophie Munns said...

Hello Natalie,
Away up the coast enjoying a break and looking forward to catching up in the blogosphere before New Year's Eve.
Lovely to hear from you!