Thursday, September 6, 2012

Run out of words...

From early morning till late tonight I have been typing.

I feel like I have run out of words... and yet there is still more to do. My mind seems to be really full of ideas today in between tasks I've been researching this and that and remembering things to do... sorting out spammed emails, attending to administrivia full on!

So... rather than ignore this poor blog any more I am putting these images up and suggesting for words you visit the Studio blog post to READ more WORDS  if you wish!

Meanwhile THIS SATURDAY, 8TH OF SEPTEMBER I'll be at my studio from 10 till if you want to pop in... buy some postcards and check out the studio specials on art work... come to Percolator and find me in my studio out the back on the left of the Gallery building!

I've got a fund-raising target I'm aiming for to cover the residency/exhibition costs for Cairns... so every postcard, work on paper or painting purchased helps with that fund 100%! 

Art Studio Sale

This images shows artwork painted for Cairns on the far wall and other works for sale... on canvas and paper on the table!

Back soon with more photos!


badlydrawngirl said...

Hi Sophie,
Good luck with your open studio on Saturday. You deserve success, your work is gorgeous and you put in the hard yards. If I lived closer I would be there to purchase one of your spirit lifting paintings and support your practice. Warm Regards Meagan

Sophie Munns said...

your comment is so spirit lifting!
Having you and so many blogger friends down the road would be heaven... having you visit here is not bad either!
Its great!

Printed Material said...

That's a prodigious amount of work there Sophie. Good luck with the open studio and with raising those all important funds!

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Lesley,
It has the look of abundance... crowded in like that with work from different periods all out. Plus I never frame/exhibit works on paper so its perfect for studio events. I do work on paper for idea development ... so its interesting then to pull it all together to show.
Fund-raising this time is noticeably harder... we were slower to hit the sales slump in OZ than you guys in the UK...its really tight here at the moment.
Have been thrilled at the wonderful people who came and quality conversations... and am rethinking a few things after conversations....loved the input!
Thanks for kind words indeed!

nathalie et cetera said...

Sophie, your studio looks fantastic. So is your work of course! I wish I lived close. Your postcards are also superb!
I hope your fund raising is going well. Best of chance on your new project!

Sophie Munns said...

Yes... we are much too far from each other's universe.... Montreal would be lovely to visit I must say!
Lovely to see you on Pinterest too!

Gloria Freshley Art and Design said...

Sophie, your work is amazing and your studio was beautifully arranged. Wish I could have visited!