Wednesday, September 26, 2012

In the studio

Basically experimenting with Lino at the moment ...

I just added a post at the Studio blog with lots of images. Trying to work in a painterly way means breaking with the rules!
So far i am concentrating on cutting seed capsule cross sections which I may then use in paintings... so working on the forms to find ones which might translate best into the way I'd like to use them!

Rushing to the next meeting.


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Love these lino cuts! So important to find the best form to express. Amazing how the red ones are so different looking from the black inked ones!

Sophie Munns said...

Merci Maryanne!
Its a ongoing search to find the most ideal means to convey ideas indeed. In the back of my mind I thought lino might offer something so it was good to be nudged to play around with it!

annamaria said...

It's so lovely to watch how you experiment and try out new things Sophie;)I better visit your other blog too.xx

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Annamaria,
Its been good to be in a new place and working outside of routine... esp with no expectation of outcome!

red road said...

What a happy find! I'll also be checking out the Brisbane guide you recommended for my visit next year! Brightened up my Friday : )

Sophie Munns said...

Lovely to hear from you Red Road. SOunds like an interesting trip lined up for 2013!

Mary Ann said...

Wow! Just found found your blog from the other side of the world.

Sophie Munns said...

Hello Mary Anne,
thanks for popping and leaving your note!