Wednesday, February 1, 2012

pinch and a punch...

... first day of the month!

This morning I booked tickets for a trip to Sydney leaving tomorrow before everything begins in earnest. I was to go on this holiday at Xmas but you know how it goes when the year's been too fast and too full.... given the chance to change your mind sometimes home can seem like simply the best place to be.

Now I feel so much more ready for a week and a half of walking here and there, catching up with friends whilst staying with family, and viewing some interesting shows. With that studio overhaul I've really gotten back into painting (and using my camera) so the return home will be to an organised living space and studio with  plans well under way for the months to come.

First I wanted to share some shots taken of that special painting job referred to last month here. A Xmas gesture to my mother was this room makeover! I possibly should have taken these in less of a rush... the light is not good and low res images don't help ... but you can get a sense of the finished room I hope.

the corner next to the door with the stained glass circle window
looks like someone is now proud owner of a new painting!
a cosy corner for writing and reading...
light filmy curtains are a must in the sub-tropics!
a place for momentos

I don't seem to have managed to get much colour consistency in my shots to show the particular grey I used. What I will say is that it works beautifully... the new colour is both soothing and pleasing.
Best of all it was greatly appreciated and well worth all the days of effort to see the smiles and pleasure it has brought. Just a few tasks remain to cross off the list... a couple of pictures to hang, whilst the door needs to be painted carefully as layers of paint were revealed after a washing down with sugar soap. The rest was far less complicated.

On another note altogether, last night I gave a slide presentation for a local environmental community group's monthly meeting in a library close by the Botanic Gardens at Mt Coot-tha. It was great to meet people again I'd met before and have interesting conversations with new people.... a delightful crowd indeed.

This was the perfect chance to review aspects of my work from recent and earlier times through the process of putting this together. I like to put ideas into context so there was imagery representing the span of time, right back to fossil seeds all the way through to recent past and present. Ive selected a few images here from what was a diverse coverage of the topic.

2009 - homage to the seed dinner in 2009
postcards sent by lovely bloggers for the Mail Art Show
in homage to the seed 2010
introducing the ideas behind the oval painting below

discussing the KEW MSB residency late last Year in the UK
drawings of a Lebanese seed pod that was quite fascinating
Wolfgang Stuppy contact person for my residency... below
seeds he's photographed in his work as a Seed Morphologist

talking about my projects for 2012... one of which is to
produce a book that expands on the previous one from 2010
my work from the last few weeks... concertina books

There were 168 images on the slideshow, some content heavy, others simply offering visual variations on a theme... stimulus that prompts questions and so on. They were such a wonderful group... very engaged and open. The entire process... first assembling the focus and thread of ideas in the slides yesterday, and later presenting, was a fantastic experience. I learn so much from  recapping and formulating the overview that speaks to the central themes in the work and project, close up and at large.

If you visit my studio blog you can see images at my (newish) flickr site of this latest work on concertina books and here read the latest post on this most recent artwork.

Have a excellent week or two won't you! Back before long,
Sophie x


Anonymous said...


Two minutes before I leave and I am taking a peek at your place. LOVE the concertinas. I ran downstairs and made the guts for 5 to take on my trip. Can't wait to see how they turn out. As inspire!
Happy trip!

Sophie Munns said...

I had to laugh Mary...
there you are off to Thailand and you're getting waylaid with concertinas!
I'm now hoping I've not been 'too inspiring' putting up my new work... in the sense of having shared a visual compositional approach that probably looks awfully common and simple (perhaps even easily copied to some) yet did emerge slowly for me ( a genuine plodder through visual forms) over a lengthy period.
We're all getting inspiration everywhere, all the time... so its par for the course. And this format is commonly explored by artists everywhere.
So.. curious to even consider the difference between inspiration and 'derivative' borrowing. Is there a difference?
Quite simply, part of the pleasure of this format for me has to do with producing artwork in my small studio at the same time as working on the somewhat overwhelming task of putting together a book to be published later this year (if all goes to plan).
Having gone through publishing the homage book 2 years ago it is with joy and trepidation I start that big new project. The exploration of concertina books and journals is immensely grounding by comparison...rather like digging in a garden for me... growing lines and shapes and colours! Getting messy and at the same time seeing something grow that is both organic yet contained in the book format.
Have a fabulous time on those enticing Thai beaches Mary!

Mlle Paradis said...

your gray paint job was very successful. mine went quite pale.....i have misgivings but it won't get painted again anytime soon!

have a lovely time in sydney, looking forward to what you bring back!

Sophie Munns said...

Its tricky and I know those misgivings Mlle P!
My misgivings were skipping the white undercoat stage and therefore having a little too much of a cool blue tone of the former wall colour under two coats of grey... I can see that my previous use of this colour is slightly warmer as that white undercoat layer was there.

BUT .... the overall effect is that of a very comfy and fresh space which I am glad to say is being fully enjoyed and savoured!

Yes,,, bringing back... thats so true... in one way or another ... to be somewhere else always offers an otherness of experience... looking forward to it!

badlydrawngirl said...

Sophie - I love your room - a loving daughter!

Your concertina books are wonderful, the colour and design is seducing? I dont know if that is the proper word - it works for me. I often use this way of working - great when travelling - but of course I am still busy on the 10metre i am not going anywhere for a while.
Have a great time in Sydney - hopefully the Elizabeth Cummings show is still on at King Street Gallery - I think it finishes on 5th feb. All the best Meagan

Sophie Munns said...

I think I will get to see the Elizabeth Cumming show Meagan ... Ive a friend keen to take me along!
The 10 metre drawing in an amazing feat... how is that progressing?
thanks for your warm comment re book and interior painting scenario... I had so much support from my mother... a few years ago she was there for me through illness for a lengthy time..and then to be a supporter as she has been afterwards when focus turned to full-on creative regeneration ... she has been remarkable!
One can't take for granted that level of support.
"Seducing" to describe books... lovely thank you! happy with that.
Great to hear from you Meagan... I've quite a few lovely bloggers I must visit... Ill be on wifi when away so will get a chance,

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I love your new room...and I WILL MISS you while yo are gone. I wish I could be by your side going to Australia. be safe and have a great time! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Robyn said...

Sophie I hope you are having a wonderful time in one of my favourite cities, Sydney.

You are to be admired... love everything you share at your blogs and love the new blog titile here... maybe it's not so new and I've just noticed it.

be well
x Robyn

nathalie et cetera said...

your new room looks gorgeous! and so does your books. I love them!

Enjoy your vacations!

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Mary, Robyn and Nathalie.
thanks for your lovely comments... Ive been on holidays and slow to respond... always great to get you comments... back soon!