Saturday, October 22, 2011

Unusual finds at the Seed Lab...

Late Friday afternoon... its the end of my second week at the Millennium Seed Bank Residence at Wakehurst Place.

Each day has brought new discoveries via walks in the grounds, through the Lab facility, time in the Library or conversations with any one of the many staff here. Then there's my fellow Residents and some other visitors to the site.
An amazing crossroads of cultures and knowledge all up! Much imput and inspiration!

Ive taken endless photos and produced a couple of slideshows using the (for me)  new Origami template that some of you will know from Macbook Pro. A great way to share images in  format that is not tedious when sharing with others. 

However... there is no quick way to get that material onto the library PC I'm writing this post on. I'm off to the Apple Store in Brighton tomorrow... maybe I'll quickly upload some visuals onto posts whilst I'm there. We foreign residents are catching the train for a day to this coastal city which I'm really looking forward to. After two weeks here ... outings being the weekly one hour supermarket shopping trip by taxi and a couple of dinners at a pub down the road when we are up to the brisk walk through the fields in the dark.
There'll be lots to share soon... so I wont ponder tech issues further. Wolfgang Stuppy, a Seed Morphologist who has produced several brilliant photographic books(more on that soon) is my contact person here ... he gave me some wonderful species to draw when I first arrived. Yesterday I decided to photograph everything I'd had on my desk this past week or so in case I didnt get around to drawing it. My camera is a humble Sony number which did not cost a lot... nor have I read the manual on using my images are rudimenary at best. Even so I find the act of capturing something from  various angles ... simply playing around with the limitions ... still yields something of value for further reflection.

Wolfgng has amazing images of these seeds below he'd taken with serious professional gear... and when the seeds were fresh and at their best. I will post those images when I can... but for now I leave you with these most basic of images... I stole them from  my Seed Capsules Tumblr which I posted them on last night... for some reason I can manage that on my laptop!


I'll pop back with the name of these seeds and info later... time for dinner now.
Thanks everyone for your warm messages... Ive not been visiting so am missing all your news.
Have a great weekend !
S x


Velma said...

these seeds are unbelievably beautiful, thank you!

Velma said...

these seeds are unbelievably beautiful.
(this may go in twice--something's up with blogger-)

Sarah said...

Wow those blue covered seeds look beautiful-even with rudimentary equipment! It sounds as if you are having a fascinating time. I hope you enjoy Brighton.
I am amazed by the variety of seeds even in my garden-the shapes, textures and colours-tiny works of art as well as amazing miracles of nature. "How can a tomato fit in there?" Was a line I read in a children's book this week about a princess who didn't like salad, but was encouraged to grow her own tomatoes by a wise gardener!

ronnie said...

amazing looking seeds!

Printed Material said...

For some reason I can't view these seed photos Sophie but will have a wander over to Tumblr instead.They sound amazing. Enjoy Brighton! I have not been there for years but it is a pretty vibrant place full of artists. Look forward to reading all about it. Lesley.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're settling in : )