Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Post Weekend Art Sale!

Spring in the garden... the rain of late has been tough on the azaleas ... but otherwise the garden was in its element in time for the Weekend Art Sale.

It turned out to be a roaring success ... today when I downloaded photos we recalled moments, people, conversations with great pleasure. Sadly there are many I would have loved to have snapped... but you know how it is...one forgets ! 

I guess that's a sign of being too busily engaged in greeting people, telling stories about various art works... and organising the purchases. Yes... I was smiling at the end of each day... Great conversations and, and, in light of the event's purpose, I am pleased to say that the trip is looking rosy indeed! 

All those who made their way along on the weekend have contributed to this heart-warming success. It must be highlighted ... the good will was a hugely touching experience.... it was very much a community event with family and friends, neighbours, acquaintances and new people coming along to make for SUCH a memorable time! 

Vanda and Ailey with Little Orlando in the temporary cafe kitchen!
The temporary kitchen set up worked fabulously ... and the tea cups + plates were divine! The plan had been to sell them Sunday at the end of the afternoon tea time. There were keen offers but somehow we were all so preoccupied that it never quite happened. More on the cups soon I hope! 

A big thank you to Vanda, Ailey and Maxi who were offering this hospitality on Saturday...and on Sunday to my wonderful brother Russell for a brilliant job coffee making with help from the wonderful Marguerite who also was a support to Joannah and Phoebe on the Sunday stall.
My sister Jana was on the stall on Saturday... and I can say now ... without my mother and friend Lyn making sandwiches up in the kitchen ...and family and friends being on the ball and so willing...  the days would not have run anywhere near as smoothly. Nor would I have had the peace of mind to focus with people as I did... discussing the project and painting.

At the close of Saturday a few of us took comfy chairs and cups of tea into the garage/studio and settled in for a long chat before packing up for the night. Dinner was left over chicken and cucumber sandwiches Saturday night for a few very tired but happy souls!

Sunday morning we were revived and Olivia, one's industrious mother, started the day quietly minding shop whilst I darted around rearranging things in preparation for the second day of visitors. The cobbled brick driveway looked decidedly cosy as if transformed into a living space under the Marquee.

I quickly took quite  a few snaps early Sunday ...before I got sidetracked by people coming along! The sun both mornings played hide and seek and gusted up some threatening clouds. So wee were ever so pleased to find the day panned out to be mostly meek and mild. And by afternoon tea... quite tranqil!

By Sunday evening some of my favourite paintings had disappeared to new homes ...  like this large one above "From the nothing the abundance".

Oh... and I must point out the freshly white-washed walls thanks to Jayne and Brenda! 

Included, for a change, were a number of paintings I've never wanted to part with before... some not even shown before. Plus there were quite a number of recent works I'd managed to do in time. Conversations as we worked our way through the various pieces and phases discussing the ideas etc were fascinating...
learning from how others 'see'!

Below is a really old one from around 2003.... when this pod form first sneaked into my work....
I quite liked juxtaposing the old...

and the new....

sisters playing!

Joannah and Marguerite at the front of  house

Well... its late and the thought of sleep beckons!  
I am going to be quite busy sending thankyou's for a couple of days to all the wonderful people who contributed in so many ways - some from far way !The people from Brewbakers, whom I wrote about at my homage blog the other day, were sensational!

First and foremost...  blessings to Olivia and Russell!
      And  of course warmest thanks to all who took part in this weekend or sent their support!
Sophie xo


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Congratulations! Each photo speaks of your wonderful work, smiling faces, beautiful garden and look at those tea cups! Yes, this was a great weekend and if I could have, I would have been there. The sold piece featured after the photo of mom is spectacular!

Sophie Munns said...

Thank you so much for the kind words Maryanne!
The garden is the art work of my mother Olivia! All her doing... my wild garden approach is very different ... so it was great to see all appreciated her efforts on the weekend! The tea cups were a gift... and so much the cause of conversation!
I'd love to have had you sitting here in the garden with us!

Carole said...

Thank you Sophie for putting these pics up for us to share your weekend with you. Congratulations! All your hard and beautiful work has paid off for you! Congratulations again!

Sophie Munns said...

It would be a dream to be able to up and pop in on all the bloggers we've come to know and see them in this sort of scenario dont you think Carol?... opening up the studio.
What fun we would all have!
Thanks for kind words...

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! I am so glad to hear that the event was a success, and to see your mother's garden to boot! The work looked wonderful. Nice to see size/ scale. And as for the cake? I looks yummy!

Lucy said...

sending extremely belated support, sophie!

what a gorgeous day...feel like i was there with you...would love, love, love to see your work up close and personal one day!

very fractured brain post my holiday, so catching up s-l-o-w-l-y. xx

Joannah said...

Such a wonderful Sunday Sophie. I loved being there to meet people and support your noble cause. You are an inspiration!
J x

annamaria said...

Yay!!!I am so happy for you! So pleased the weekend was a success!Hooray for art!XXX

Sophie Munns said...

Mary... how nice it would have been to have your company! All went off well... nervous beforehand - will it rain? - will our garden afternoon tea get to run as it should? It all worked ... and such a lovely atmosphere.
S xx

one day our paths will cross for sure! Thanks for you lovely thoughts... LOVED the Bali photos and I rather wish I'd been tagging along on that one... how superb!

Yeah... you are now online in the blogosphere... so delighted to discover that tonight!!! You were fabulous Sunday and I hope the efforts and support you offered me comes back to you tenfold.

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Annamaria!
Thanks for your gorgeous comments... sun was out mostly and all the ingredients were there for a wonderful two days!
Would love to have had bloggers all dropping in...the only downside is you all being so far away!

Shell said...

Looks fabulous...the garden, the tea cups, the art! I would have loved to have made it - alas, the weekend got the better of me (as it tends to do these days - oh for a weekend away by the sea!!!). Glad it went swimmingly!