Friday, September 9, 2011

cant wait to go shopping for ink...

I do love ink ... always enjoy spotting something I've not come across before. I've spent an hour or more going through UK art suppliers online... drooling all the way!

I love Sennelier inks but found these other ones very appealing I must say!
Looking at the current exchange rate it looks better to buy some supplies whilst there than lug things across when I take off later this month!

What art supplies do you take travelling... whose got some good tips?

Abraxas Inks

Made in Switzerland. Enviromentally friendly inks, made to the highest standard from natural ingredients. Handcrafted using traditional methods, each bottle is filled individually, corked and labelled with a hand coloured label. Information on the different ingredients used available on request.
abinksm.jpgSmall Bottles | (19)Campeche Brown, (20)Walnut Brown, (23)Olive Brown, (24)Nettle Green, (18)Indigo Green, (22)Blue Black, (25)Rose Pink, (11)Carmine, (15)Carmine Purple, (16)Campeche Violet, (2)Black I, (3)Black II, (9)Lemon Yellow

abinklg.jpgLarge Bottles | (2)Black I
Abraxas Metallic Ink | (79)Silver, (71)Imperial Gold, (80)Copper



Permanent ink made from natural ingredients (iron gall) to an ancient recipe.
Glass Phial

Stone bottle | Stopper sealed with wax

Cornellison French Sepia Ink

Waterproof. Traditional shellac based ink with a transparent satin finish. Apply with brush or drawing pen.

Roberson Penman Inks - Natural Historical

By using ancient recipes and modern technology, these inks offer a genuine colour range from a bygone era. Made using natural tannins and pigments from a botanically sustained source. The Natural Historical range are transparent, Ph neutral, water-soluble, fast drying and intermixable. Suitable for use with a brush, quill, dip, reed, ruling and automatic pen. Available in 30ml bottles.
Colours: 025 Mulberry Yellow, 026 Tawny Brown, 027 Brazil Nut Brown, 030 Blackberry Leaf Green, 031 Bay Leaf Green, 032 Cochineal Red, 033 Elderberry Purple

Sennelier Black Indian Ink

Deep black ink that is indelible & lightfast, when diluted with water it becomes less indelible

Higgins Waterproof Drawing Ink 'Black Magic'

Intense semi-flat black finish produces most opacity available

Chinese Ink

Glass Bottle - 

Abraxas Ink - Suitable for Fountain Pen

Made in Switzerland. Inks made to the highest standard from natural ingredients. Each bottle is handcrafted using traditional methods, corked , labelled with a handcoloured label and sealed.
Small Bottle | (33)Turkish Blue, (36)Abraxas Aubergine, (10)Saffron Yellow

Large Bottle | (31)Royal Blue, (47)Brown, (42)Love Red, (31)Royal Red, (10)Saffron Yellow, (33)Turkish Blue, (22)Blue Black, (37)Fir Green

Diamine Inks

Diamine fountain pen ink is a water based ink, perfect for any brand of fountain pen.
Available colours: Jet Black, Blue Black, Saddle Brown, Royal Blue, Aqua Blue, Violet, Crimson & Scarlet.

Higgins Fountain Pen India Ink

Deep black, free-flowing non-waterproof formula for sketching, lettering, calligraphy and italic writing.

Higgins Eternal Black Ink

Permanent Black ink. Permanent carbon writing for all office and reproduction work. Use in fountain and calligraphy pens.

Higgins Sepia Calligraphy Ink

Non-waterproof brown ink. Rich antique-looking brown ink for use in all fountain and calligraphic pens. Free flowing for formula.

pen nibs and holders

And now a journal to go with this...

R.Baldwin & Co. Travel Sketchbook

30 pages of 150gms cartridge paper. Acid free.
With turquoise cloth cover, button fastener & pencil loop.
Ideal for sketching & light wash.

Green & Stone - Arches Watercolour Book

300gsm, 30 sheets. NOT surface, 1 or 2 deckle edges. Hand bound with sea green cloth cover. Paper deckled on 2 edges.

Claire Fontaine Voyage Books

180gsm, 60 sheets. Not surface drawing paper suitable for pencil, ink pastel, sanguine, charcoal or watercolour. Acid free, stitched short edge, hardback black or light grey canvas cover with black canvas spine. (no longer available with blue cover)

R. Baldwin & Co. Ingres Paper Drawing Book

100gsm, 32 sheets. White & cream ingres paper, charcoal grey cloth cover with pencil holding loops, bound on short edge.


Fabriano Venezia Books

200gsm, 48 sheets. 100% woodfree, surface sized, acid free. Casebound, stitched, page marker. Covered with red and off white patterned paper with a deep red spinevenebk.jpg
Fabriano Bouquet

Assortment of 7 notebooks each containing a different paper quality and bound with bright coloured covers. 40 sheets per book. Papers include: Felt marked, Embossed, Parchment, Vellum, Laid

Gesso Panels

We usually keep a selection of gesso panels in stock but because they are handmade please contact us to confirm availability. Larger sizes are available special order, please contact for a quote or if you require any other unlisted size.

Gesso panels


Mixing/grinding equipment

I found all this at  Green & Stone

Green & Stone, supplier of specialist Art Materials and Picture Framing was first established in Chelsea in 1927, and is one of the longest running shops on the popular Kings Road.

The shop was originally based within the Chenil Gallery, whose directors were Augustus John and Bernard Shaw.

Green and Stone moved to its current site at 259 Kings Road in 1934, where Mr Alfred Green and his sons Alfie & Peter continued to run the shop primarily as a picture framing business, with what was then, only a small Art Materials section. 259 Kings Road was previously run as a shop for the Womens Suffragette Movement. 

Who has any tips for London they wish to share... art related and not... I'm curious!

have a good weekend everyone!
S x


ronnie said...

positively DROOLING!

Velma said...

oh yeah, i'm drooling way across the pond.

iNd!@nA said...

i WANT one of those mullers...just because.
Green and Stone is going into my little black book...

Valerianna said...

Aye! drooling... yikes!

Leslie Avon Miller said...

All of this stuff looks so yummy! I saw a handmade leather journal cover at a gallery walk last weekend. Your pen slid into three tabs at the edge which held the journal closed. I had a big case of "want". But I am not a writer so much as a person who paints and glues, so the book would never close for me anyway....

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. Millions of years ago, I sold art supplies. I love them is a weird sort of hording kind of way. Each and every one of these items was divine. I also covet those travel watercolor sets. Hmmmmm now I really want to go with you!

Carole said...

Yummy! The inks, the pens, the books......all yummy!
I'm drooling too!

Anonymous said...

How are you Sophie, love this post !

Sophie Munns said...

Thank you all for visiting ....
think I have company in the dept of wistful yearnings for all things oldy-worldy in the realm of art supplies.

cheers Ronnie, Velma, Valerianna and Carol- fellow covetous ones! Good to have company!!!

India.... look forward to hearing what you discover when you next swoop down on old London-town!

I think it does help to not just collect of the sake of collecting Leslie... but to know there is a purpose for that certain journal or whatever one lights on.

Come on over Mary... Heathrow, 29th of September. Well hit the art supplies shops first...! I always wanted to work in an art supply store... I hope you got the discarded stock!

Robyn... must visit you asap... its been too long...all good - great to hear from you!

Cheers all!
S x

ArtPropelled said...

Love the look of the Abraxis inks..... though it would be a pity to spoil the effect by breaking the seal and opening the bottles.
A tip for London....... Go to Camden Market with your camera on the weekends and then share all your photos with me :-)

Joannah Underhill said...

Gorgeous Sophie! I love that ink bottles like these exist. Surely they would enable an even more profound creative expression by their sheer existence!

Ideas for's Wine Bar is a gorgeous bunker-style bar near Charing Cross that does great food and wine. Columbia Rd for the flower market on a Sunday till 2pm is amazing plus the gorgeous Pub there which used to be my local - great food and atmosphere. Spitalfields market on a Sunday is great and my favourite place to eat there is Leon and if you really have some cash and want a special, ecclectic evening out Le Trois Garcons is my ultimate favourite! Gee a bit food heavy rather than art...White Cube in Hoxton is usually great (near Columbia Rd and Spitalfields) and Gagosian Galleries are also amazing. I really enjoyed the Saatchi gallery too but am not sure where it is these days. Will email more suggestions when they come to me. See you soon. J x

Sophie Munns said...

Jo... this is wonderful...the great thing about your suggestions is that i an look up this post comment and refer back to your suggestions when over there.
So glad for the east side of town suggestions...never did get to spend much time there...and I have kept hearing about Columbia St Markets and Spitafields.
All I can think is how I will need running shoes for London!
See you soon birthday girl!

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Robyn...
i agree re those abraxis inks. Small art works in themselves.
Great tip too... thanks! Expect photos from there for sure!
Must pop in to Art Propelled... not sure where time is going at the moment!

em said...

i agree with mary, posts like this make me want to hoard stuff! beautiful!