Tuesday, February 8, 2011


There's not been a lot happening here of late ... except for the change of background wallpaper and header that come from my 'fluidity' phase of a few years ago when summer meant swimming in old, timeworn  ocean baths... and the ocean, luxuriating in the spaciousness of that realm. I maybe I was missing that the other day... whatever prompted it... the flowing watercolour ribbons of green, blue and brown do soothe a certain longing. So much water has fallen here in these past 2 months and yet so little of it reminiscent of the languidness of summer.

I just visited this Tumblr blog
OLD CHUM and found a few images that caught my eye... if you click under the image it will take you to each tumblr page. 

Its one of those lovely mellow days here... light rain ... a peaceful atmosphere. After a particulary trying period of humidity and all the strange, and for many, harrowing times weve had in this part of the world of late... something about today said... its OK... take it easy... just breathe out ... recoup and set off again!

And why these images? ... well ... they suit that mood of mellowness... well worn, relaxing, well-loved ... timeless - look at that wood - and Matisse... always textiles ... so warm and inviting ...and the globes...have always loved them!

And if one really must stray from home then why not a stay in this hotel down below?
Have a good week wont you!

from Old Chum

Old chum

Ill finish with this intriguing image from tumblr site: come and see inside my bones - Hotel La Montaña Mágica. Huilo-Huilo, Chile

Hotel La Montaña Mágica. Huilo-Huilo, Chile

Ive been busy at the Homage blog of late ... do pop over if you want to see a work from the amazing photographer Chris Jordan on seeds!
Spectacular and ... well ... just read more here to find out!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic Sophie!!! I will be staying in the moss covered cone building in my dreams. I think we must be psychically connected. I have thinking I would like to read more about Matisse. Have a great weekend lady

blue china studio said...

Great images, especially loving the Matisse one.

And that hotel! I want to stay there. I'm sure one would see at least one hobbit. :-)

And love your new banner. It makes me feel like I'm swimming under the water.

ArtPropelled said...

Loving that first image. It must be an artist's studio. Wish I knew more!

Anonymous said...

HI Mary
HI Jaci,
seems we would all be tempted to go to Chili and stay in this amazing hotel!
Hobbits ... yes Jaci... one can imagine... and wouldn't children think this amazing?
Dreams may have to do Mary... for me anyway!
Have you read that fantastic 2 book bio of Matisse by Hilary Spurling... if you can find it in a library perhaps ... do read it one day in the future...takes time...but its quite brilliant! And sets the scene for the times so well and where other artists come into the picture and so on.

Love that you got that sensation of swimming underwater Jaci.... that was a big stimulus for the fluidity series over a few years! Ocean baths with the most amazing colours flashing through the water because of the sand and worn painted concrete on te bootom of the pool...it did odd but wonderful things to the colours on sunny days!

Thanks both of you for stopping in today!
S x

Sophie Munns said...

I actually found it hard to get any information from the Old Chum site Robyn. Dont know if you found this too?
Doesn't have the usual links and such!

Lorena said...

I just love interesting dwellings, thanks for posting these

Sophie Munns said...

Good to hear form you Lorena!
They are food for the soul yes?
a wonderful 2011 to you!

nathalie et cetera said...

nice selection of images! i wish i could visit the last one!

Sophie Munns said...

intriguing to imagine what its like inside Nathalie....

Anonymous said...

Thank you for featuring Chris Jordan's photos of the "Running the Numbers" art work. This art really does help me to think about what "trillion" means! We can wrap our minds around our problems and solve them when art like this exists to help us understand the world.

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Julia,
its true that it takes something this graphic for most of us to imagine the figures involved.
Thanks for your thoughts,