Thursday, August 27, 2015

PlantBank Workshop : Seeds through an Artist's Lens

In South West Sydney on the Weekend of September 12 + 13 I'll be conducting another "Seeds through an Artist's Lens" workshop at the Persoonia Lab, purpose-built classroom at the wonderful PlantBank Facility on the grounds of the Australian Botanic Gardens.

To read a large version of this flyer and the all important details skip over to my website

Any queries you'll find my email there and the booking number as well.

Read more of what's happening at FB Homage to the Seed Page and at my gallery on Instagram!

Participants will be creating simple Artist Books or Concertina Books  in which to present their visual ideas or assemble/collage work after intensive experimentation and exploration of seed material.


Carole Reid said...

All your workshops sound wonderful!

Sophie Munns said...

thankyou Carol ... now I'm primarily focusing on seeds I wonder why it took so long to see the opportunity given the rest of my work. I suspect I felt people might find it too narrow but curiously they are finding it liberating and fascinating!

One never knows till one tries!