Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April at Seed.Art.Lab

A pinch and a punch... April first and the year is gathering steam!

Tonight I have to design promo material for an OPEN STUDIO event weekend after next at the Seed.Art.Lab on April 12 + 13... so stay tuned if you are in the region and would like to visit. 

I had a long few days and late nights finishing two paintings for an Art Competition... the first I've entered in for a loooong time! The quiet January afforded me time to work on larger canvases and actually have something available when an comp invite arrive in my in-box one day. It was a good exercise to sweat over the process of having committed to 2 artworks in January that I came back to last week to finish off with a fresh eye and some all important perspective. 

Once committed there is no use thinking ... "why didn't I put this one up" ... great to then have to resolve two works that one could so easily remain quite ambivalent about!

I will have to take photos that included changes made after this one above... 2 very late nights and I finally thought... OK... thats it!

This is the studio a week ago after spending March on the work in the limited blue/brown palette.

Below are three images taken from my Seed Sapsules Tumblr Archive... shows some work I have been looking at more recently... I find it revealing to go back and see what one has saved...  looking at other artists work both inspires and clarifies the mind on what it it that one most wants to intimate in one's work and the materials and processes that come into play...  I seem to have been very interested in what blue and brown can do and say for the last couple of years really. 

That started occurring in 2012 when I had just moved to a studio in Paddington.

You can also view this fascinating MOSAIC of my tumblr blog... its an  interesting overview of posts.

I recently had a young photographer Cian Saunders come to the studio to take a series of portraits for his University course in Photographic Journalism. His manner and approach were excellent  and I relaxed for the most part and overcame my usual reluctance to be the subject due to his approach.

This was my preferred image simply because I was at my least self conscious, doing something I like to do, ie... trawl through old journals noting old ideas and work... and in the studio surrounded by work and clutter!

So thanks to Cian I have some professional images to call on!

I will post soon on the OPEN STUDIO event and the UPCOMING residency at PLANTBANK. Read more on that here.

Have a good week everyone!


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Sue Marrazzo said...

Stunning, awesome, and inspiring work = )

Sophie Munns said...

thanks very much Nance and Sue....
so flat out at the moment!
Really lovely to hear from you!