Friday, October 4, 2013

paint, brushes, water and somewhere to work....

Each passing week increases the feeling of pleasure of being settled and working again.

Distractions have been many and ... well... rather frustrating! Getting internet on took months and that's for starters. Finding one's printer has died, watching an expensive repair list growing.... for my car, computer, digital projector ... you name it ... is no fun.

However... Ive decided that every time my brain starts to seize up due to unhelpful agitation whilst tackling another hold-up I will unplug and turn focus to the garden,  or what I'm painting or even to inviting someone for a home-cooked meal and good conversation. 

This week I was pleased as punch to get my new fold-up push-bike going. It fits in the back of my car so I can easily access Brisbane bike-path networks running beside creek catchment areas bringing the opportunity for getting to know the lay of the land from a different perspective. Over the last few years visiting the coast north of here I've noticed really great bike-paths beside ocean, rivers and cool shady nature reserves. The fresh air and safe path-ways make riding so much more appealing than city streets ... plus I can look out for seedpods whilst riding along and keep the camera handy.

Back to the studio I've so enjoyed getting into painting again after having successfully suppressed the need to paint for 6 months or more. It was hard to start back... but at some point in the last few weeks I went from feeling incredibly rusty and awkward to reconnecting with an undying passion for paint and intense hunger for working at it.

The timing was right ... it was exactly what I need to do to be ready for what's coming!

Preparing for a NOVEMBER STUDIO LAUNCH, for which I am currently checking dates before announcing officially, I've devised some new developments in the studio which will be ready for the launch in mid-late November.

Here is a glimpse of what I'm up to... a brand-new series of Biodiversity Conversation Plates that will be a fascinating part of the bigger Homage to the seed project. WATCH THIS SPACE!

These hand-painted porcelain plates are one-off, unique works based on seed species, some very abstracted, other not so much.

The restricted palette allows for a unity that might not otherwise be evident.

I'm using new and second hand porcelain plates

The paints are water-based, don't need excessive layering and are fixed by heat and very durable. I know this from having used this product 20 years ago and with the pieces I kept its proved to be a  permanent and reliable product which I'm delighted to have more or less mastered(figure of speech!) the use of long ago.

I have used them on my table ... however one precaution I take is using them only as a vessel for dry items like bread, nuts and so on. I would never paint a bowl and fill it with hot, moist food even though the chance of contamination is excessively minor. 

They have such a wonderful decorative and symbolic application in the work I do that I am excited to have returned to making this concept series.

As for painting on larger surfaces I'm re-working a theme from an earlier period, 2010, which has a natural parallel to the round plates.... staying with a very similar restricted palette that feels apt for the moment.

"Seed Calendar", 80 x 80 cm, acrylic and pigmented ink on linen

So thats things for this week. Think it going to be paintbrushes-kind-of-weekend here ... monday is a public holiday so its a chance to give up on worrying about tech glitches and machinery going south and celebrate the world if ideas and paint.

Have a great weekend wont you?


♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

i like, i adore, the consistency of your work, and the story behind it, so much. it gives me courage.

Printed Material said...

Great to read that things are settling for you Sophie and that you've regained your painting mojo. Looks like ti has returned with attitude as that Seed Calendar photo is stunning. Loving the vibrancy of the red and blue.

Debbie said...

Beautiful work, the plates are amazing

Roberta said...

The plates are stunning.

ArtPropelled said...

It must be hopping in your studio Sophie! Loving all your new work. I was drawn to the image of your plates in my sidebar.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

It's been said so well....these plates are stunning! The colors and the way you have filled the space makes each plate or bowl a keepsake and yet begs to be set with bread at a friendly table! Wonderful! Enjoy your bike rides!

Sophie Munns said...

Hello everyone. I just took a visit to each of your blogs and enjoyed the journey so much it took me on.

From Belgium Woolf... and that gorgeous big pond!

To the south west of England Lesley... the two Laurences! Wow!

Debbie ... also in the UK Hello! You've been busy with your textiles!

Roberta in Seattle... this latest series of prints from stencils... WOW!

Robyn in South Africa... can I come for tea?

Mary Ann in California ... we could easily meet up for a printing day... I think we might enjoy that ... and talking symbols and ancient cultures!

Thanks for the warmth and enthusiasm... so delighted to feel connected to this fine web of creative peeps!
S x

Velma Bolyard said...

there are so many worries lately, little and large, that trying to paint (or whatever the work is) is good if almost impossible to follow advice.

Carole Reid said...

Sophie, it's makes this person happy to see you painting again. Sorry to hear about the other stuff though. Life is so full of distractions. Your restricted palette often gives us more freedom to create unity in new ways. Love these new plates. I hope your week will see more hours in the studio and less worry time. xo Carole

Caterina Giglio said...

those plates are wonderful and I know how nice it is to be settling in... just beginning to feel like things might fit.. xx