Friday, May 17, 2013

planning time...

Q: What do you do when your studio is in storage?

A: plan, scheme, write, think and plan some more. None of that costs anything, except time, and lets admit it... its a helpful thing to have decent thinking time every so often.

Quite automatically I've been tilling the soil, lifting up every stone I find to see whats hidden there ... and in the process a whole lot of fresh ideas began to introduce themselves, unexpectedly but repeatedly. Its kind of surprised me that I didn't need to force this rethink... it obviously was time and organically was set in motion by putting routine on hold.

An there I had been ... worried about how awful it would be to stall "progress" with this imposed break. Should not have lost any sleep over that I am reminded now.

If you visit this post at the studio blog you can read about the proposed new studio etc... whereas here I am pondering various new thoughts re what I wish to focus on from the new starting point when I set up again in July.

My business cards are almost out of supply and with new details to add maybe I'll wait to get a new one designed by... well.. moi, no doubt! I like to keep things simple.

I took my favourite large designer's pad out recently to get ideas down and attempt to bring together some disparate threads that I believe need to be in dialogue. Its amazing how tiring this is, well for me I have to say it is. One's brain and eyes seem to strain from the effort of sustaining focused thought whilst simultaneously trying to cook together a curious cocktail of tastes and textures... or more precisely ideas and values.

I've started sending little texts and requests to a few peeps asking "what do you think of such and such" and "about this...?"I like the fact that although much might stay pretty well as is... sometimes you can just simply tweak the angle of vision and effectively see the world differently.

I actually got new reading glasses recently... a slightly stronger script... and I think there's a metaphor there for what I am seeing now. The lenses have shifted ever so slightly and its a different view.

I love the fact that what I have put down looks quite clear and organised, yet meanwhile, in that brain of mine its a huge gale-force wind, the direction of which changes at a rate that make me giddy at the moment.
Anyone else finding this time like that? Life is a constantly changing weather pattern at the best of times... funny how when its too still we can get restless... ironically I am experiencing all this change and its making me only more restless. A bit of calm would be nice just now.

Anyway, enough with the carry on... all is basically fine here. The days have grown suddenly cold and I've needed to find sleeves and layered clothing and rugs and stuff. Just as well's prepared me for the cold south of this country where tomorrow I will go for a few days.

Go read more at the studio blog if you wish... more photos there!

but first I'll add a few pics here... I'm just getting used to an iPhone and I have to say I am very last century about mobiles. Have no idea whats doing much of the time!

Not a fab shot ... but ...  this is scheduled to be my new studio, fingers crossed no odd events intercept Plan A, facing the front door looking out to the street. My soon-to-be home is currently rented with someone using this front room as a reception area for a home based business. WHen I disappear the curtains and paint walls an off-white that agrees with the tiles I will be assembling my studio-come-showroom-come-call-it-what-you-will space here. Thing is... its a generous space... read more at the blog if of interest.

And to close...  this ferny grove below is a pocket of bushland not so very far away from the new house location ... I know there are places to discover that Ive not even heard of yet. So the list of things to look forward to is growing daily!

Have a good weekend all!


Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Oh Sophie, we are experiencing so many of the same things. I am so frustrated in this new role of trying to keep our condo picture perfect for potential buyers. There is no space to spread out & make a mess which creativity is all about. Lucky you to be able to look forward to a studio in July. I can not see the light at the end of the tunnel just yet. Excellent idea to make a list of ideas! Best wishes!sally

Sophie Munns said...

Oh Sally,
I know precisely what you mean. I was getting nuttier by the minute waiting for something to move. Its tip-toing around and not opening a single thing that completely goes against the grain. Some people live like that at home... clearly not you or I.

After 5 months of looking for a place I must admit I got very stern with my partners in crime (family) and said this is it. A few hours after my hissy-fit we had settled on a price to sell and had been accepted then made an offer on a place a few days later and were accepted on that.

We were ripe and it was time. Luckily the universe seems to be co-operating and things are shifting out of that stalled time. Its two months till we move in... hence I am pacifying myself with this hyper-planning mode!

May you also find some moment where things just tip and get going again, Let me know ... I'll be rooting for you!

Velma Bolyard said...

sophie, the mapping of plans and thoughts does look so organized...don't rain on my parade and tell me it's not so! actually do rain on said parade, i want to know that "organization" is more organic and built, not, er, organized.

Sophie Munns said...

Totally organic i assure you from my point of view dear Velma.

Talking with Sally who seems to be going perhaps as nutty as me from being on hold... this "putting words on paper" was utter necessity to get out of my head what was tossing me all over the place. When it was stuck going round and round in my head I could not really perceive what I was trying to think through.

In the same way we circled around homes for sale for 5 months, liking some, not others. We talked about everything as if we might live there. Then one day one house was right. Not perfect... but right for us.

I find all this stuff terribly organic.

We don't necessarily consciously realise that each time we put down our roots into the ground, plant bits of ourselves into this project and that job or such that we are spending energy, and how much energy, to keep things consistent and grounded and turning up and all that focus and consistency it critical and potent energy... but there are times for the pulling up of all those extended branches and taking a jolly good look to see if in fact that is the best way to proceed or best use of time or...all those kinds of things.

I guess I am laughing at myself tonight for having been so horrified at having to stop and pull out of routines to make room for change because "it would hold me up" and "interfere with my process"!

What has happened... and this is the organic bit ... is that in pulling back, making space, stopping busyness and more of the above... light could fall on what was perhaps a bit hidden or underneath that really needed to rise to the surface.

Instead of doing, instead of perpetually making... there had to be not doing.

From not doing came seeing, recognising, feeling and more thinking.

Another word i like is shape... "to shape something" from all the clamouring impulses of thought to form a new whole.... in that way extremely organic!

my stuff on paper is therefore hearing myself think slow enough to map it. Then I can begin to breathe better.

Its a process that also suits anyone who is not given to pre-ordained ideas about things... who is happy to dwell in negative capacity ... in not knowing.

I reckon there comes a time when you want to draw up what is visiting itself upon your imagination and thought processes. So you bring down out of the lofty places the things you want to work with ... the new levels of engagement that have issued from new experiences and processing.

Whoa... late here.. too many words... good question Velma... x

Mlle Paradis said...

i hate moving - i love moving. so exciting, the new adventures in store! at least you'll be doing it all in the cooler season. bon continuation! xoxo

Sophie Munns said...

yes exactly mlle p ....
love it, hate it. As it goes this is one of the better moves... three of us... mutual support and not far to go.
There's been some doozis in the past!

annamaria said...

Congrats Sophie! It looks like a space with great 'bones' , I am sure you will make it brilliant.
I am so happy for you after all this time in limbo. Have fun in the south!

Sandra Robinson said...

Looks like it will be a great studio to work in, very spacious with lots of room to breathe and create. Hope your move goes well. x

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I so like your approach to new is in that space of doing, researching, thinking energy that I find the feedback and freshness of ideas, dialogues and plans! Oh it can be sweet!

Your new home and studio space is full of such potential. Reads like you can work with the layout and already have some organizational plans. I sure like the garden and outdoor protected your hands these areas will become magical!
Nothing is every perfect and that is where the creative vision fills in the gaps. That ferny area takes my breath away...July will be here soon enough!!!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

it's been a while i came to see you, but i regularly see you popping over to mlle paradis, and now i cut the {inner} chase and witness you are moving house. and moving studio... oh, the works, he?
courage! i'll be looking forward to the change, since i am actually onto setting up my own studio again, after a three years break. i know! sounds uncanny, don't it?
cheers for stopping over at mine's, sophie!

Anonymous said...

Hiya Sophie x
I've just returned to the land of blogging.. with a new blog 'visual communication'
Have spent the last year mostly painting and loving it... had a show last November which was very successful for me.
Hope to have another one next year.
Catch you soon

Anonymous said...

Hello Lady,

Seems like time is FLYING right now, and such a very long time since I have had a chance to comment on anyone's blogs.

Congratulations on the new home. It looks fantastic. I am simply swooning over the tropical garden. In my next life, I want to come back as a gardner in Australia.

Sending you lots of love and energy for the upcoming months ahead.