Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Verandah Market Day ... Saturday, Nov 24th

Silver jewellery by Roz Hawker - 'Tree of life'

                  Hello there,

Thanks to the lovely Roz Hawker I'm extending you an invitation to join us on the southside in Brisbane on Saturday afternoon, Nov 24th, 2-4pm... next week in fact at Roz's sister's residence in Sunnybank Hills for a Verandah Market that Roz is doing for the second year in a row.

You're welcome to share this invitation with your friends ....  alternatively, pop into my studio in Paddington by appointment from Monday Nov 26th until Xmas. Roz will also be contactable after the Verandah Market weekend through her blog.

The private residence address isn't on the public notice so we would love you to make contact via this blog or by email:  

s o p h i e m u n n s @ i i n e t . n e t . a u    

and we will send out the details for the Sunnybank Hills address

ps: Cards and hand-made things suitable for seasonal gift-giving are the focus... Roz makes wonderful silver jewellery for great prices + textile pieces and more! Small and inexpensive items for the most part all under $100.

 Roz's blog :  

Ive posted a few of Roz's jewellery pics below... be sure to see more excellent images at Roz's blog.

I spy things to love in Roz's pics!

Roz does wonderful things with textiles and stitching too... this is a piece from her blog gallery to give you a clue to her general aesthetic. However  .... what she will have in store for the day will be a surprise. Stay tuned.

'secret script' discharged cotton naturally dyed silk thread 

As for what I have to bring to the table... my ( new ) camera needs its battery replaced - must have left it on? So no new pics this week sorry. Have been lino-printing over the past week...  experimenting on paper and linen. Thinking small + affordable . Had some RSVP's today after starting to send out email invites to those I know in this part of the world this morning. 

Will post images very soon! 

Sure wish we weren't scattered around the globe when it comes to sharing each others events...

wishing all well!

s o p h i e   m u n n s
+ visit the web for artist's website
+ click like at FB: homage to the seed page
+ call studio: 07 3262 4296
+ mobile: 0430 599 344


ronnie said...

love the pics of roz's work - I've really been enjoying her entree into the bloggy universe

and a verandah market day is a wonderful idea - hope its a wonderful success

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Ronnie!
Wonderful seeing Roz in the blogsosphere and observing the strand of her practice... fascinating and varied yet parallel explorations despite mediums and such.
thanks for your good wishes and hope all is good in the south!

Velma Bolyard said...

well, i can just imagine what a grand day on the verandah you two will be having and i *wish* i could come by.

Sophie Munns said...

Sure do wish you could be here too Velma.
Such a lovely idea ...the verandah market...and in November before it gets too busy is perfect.

Ro Bruhn said...

If only you weren't so far away Sophie, I'd love to be there.

Sophie Munns said...

It would be wonderful to have you joining us Ro... so far away! Do hope all is going well down there in your part of the cosmos!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Good luck with this Verandah Market! I visited Roz's blog and enjoyed all her metal and textiles! I too wish I lived just a little closer?!!

Sophie Munns said...

Thanks Maryanne!
Tis lovely to have something initimate like this away from the usual scenario to be participating in. Sure to have a wonderful atmosphere and be quite fun indeed!
Will sip something bubbly and toast you and bloggy friends too far away!