Monday, May 14, 2012

You are invited... this Friday May 18!

All super busy here in the studio this week.

Pop over to the Homage blog to read all about this and if you're in Brisbane this Friday, May 18th and have some time up your sleeve between ten and four than please come and say hello!

Paintings and preparations are taking every waking moment.. there's only so much one can do with three weeks ... so its a pleasure to be offering a viewing ... considering the brevity of time! The warm hospitality of people at this wonderful place has been a delight and it'll be quite sad to say farewell.

Loved all the visits from new and familiar people of late... thanks all....have been a little tied up but looking forward to visiting you soon!


Printed Material said...

Sophie, good luck with this event! The tumblr site looks really interesting especially that image of the Anna Atkins cyanotypes - I am just waiting for some sun here in the UK to do some of my own. Shall explore more pages later at my leisure - something in short supply at your end! I don't know how you get everything done. You are so involved with things but your passion for it all shines through and that must get the adrenaline going like nothing else! Hope the Brisbane event is a great success all round. After all, who can fail to be fascinated by plants?

Mlle Paradis said...

What can I add? Except thanks for sharing! Everything you're doing is so inspiring as always. Wish I could have been with you all at Bunya. Love the fingerprint marks! xoxo

AnnaB said...

i'm winging my way aboard my magic carpet to visit the exhibition. Good luck! Wishing Devon was closer to Brisbane somehow. hey ho the wonder of technology though that enables me to visit your amazing sites - just had a peek at the tumbr collection - fascinating. thanks for the inspiration, Anna

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Sophie you are on the journey of a lifetime...Blessings to you. Spectacular photos makes me want to return to Australia. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Sophie Munns said...

thanks for your delightful comment...was fascinated to hear you're doing Cyanotypes. Would love to have a go at that!
Sometimes time passes without visiting the tumblr blogs...then maybe I save one or two images... but sometimes I get drawn into the trawling mode and come away so amazed at the threads to be found here!
Passion yes ret the homage work. That there are so many elements to it it means that a residency can bring together a whole raft of material I might be otherwise trying, from afar, to understand or glean an overview of.

Its also made me contemplate for hours on end the complexity of co-existing and often competing elements around seeds at this time. All things are linked so the conversation is endless and one has to rise above simplistic thinking to appreciate all the factors. That is the biggest challenge of all!
best wishes Lesley,

Sophie Munns said...

Mlle P,
special to hear from you nowadays given your life change! You;d have fitted in wonderfully at Bunya!
Hope all is great with you!

Thank you Anna... how lovely that thought is travelling across the ocean on a magic carpet. Such a long way...

Mary Helen,
Ive never asked if you were born here or just spent some time here! I know that feeling of visiting certain blogs that remind you of former times somewhere. For me its London. Luckily I visited last year and got to pick up on old threads and see for myself what I had missed most!

Warm wishes to all!