Friday, April 20, 2012

Where have I been this week?

If you thought I had disappeared lately .... well its true ... I've been flat out in the last two weeks getting ready for the project I started Monday.

Here's some fast pics...

For the lowdown you'll need to go to the Homage blog... and  skim a little if your rushing.

But... its  all there... a story about Beatrix...

and a book...

and a residency...

and added thoughts or two or three. Well an essay I guess. But hey... I'm not expecting you to take it all in... just love to hear from you over there, if time permits... and I do so long to get back visiting all very soon!


Carole said...

How exciting Sophie!
I'm having a terrible time keeping up with reading all the interesting blogs I like to follow. Yours is one I hate to miss. I might not comment but I am reading.

Sophie Munns said...

I completely understand how you feel Carole. I am developing a pattern where I am busy in the blogosphere over our summer ...from December to March then I fall away... its happening again this year.

Its a community I love to be connecting with as its far more substantial than other forms of online exchange...but my brain fails to keep up with on the ground connections when things get more intense where I live and so the online visits get thinner!

lovely to hear form you... you've been such a generous visitor in the past year... !

roz said...

i LOVE that image in your header so beautiful

and as always no stone left unturned..go you !

Sophie Munns said...

Why thank you Roz... I spied it tin the greenhouse when at the MSB and took quite a few shots it was so unique!

yes... stones alright... oping they are not going to be hurled!