Monday, March 26, 2012

a sunny weekend... a chance to paint uninterrupted!

This is a very quick post today as I am making hay while the sun shines... we've had so much rain of late that I am excited to be able to paint on the veranda... so instead of lingering here pop over and see what I put up on the studio blog... the latest paintings in process ....but first a glimpse here!

Working on these two paintings alongside each other as they are having a conversation. The birds kept coming up on the veranda... butcher birds ... which have the most wonderful song. A family member kept singing to them... quite amusing! Between Radio National, the birds, people bringing cups of tea and a gentle breeze reminding me Easter/autumn is coming it was all very pleasant.

Just as well... State elections here on Saturday were a nightmare.with the ruling party wiped almost out of existence. We are left with anew government just as enamoured with the Miming Industry as the last and fracking about to commence on the western side of this City!

Back to the sanity of painting for me today! I am pleased to say that the mini-campaign I ran with Gabrielle (last post) was successful in reaching a broad audience thanks to many who spread the word in any way they could. Homage to the Seed Facebook page (LIKES WELCOME!) saw LOTS of welcome activity. Because there's no private friend FB site all the wonderful new traffic sharing this story was most appreciated!

I also have connected with more people locally which has been lovely...and feel surrounded by others sharing similar concerns.


 We love these paintings by Sophie Munns for there subtlety in colour, texture and pattern.The beauty here, is in natures unevenness in repetition. Her residency at Brisbane Botanic Gardens Artist-in-Residence at Mt Coot-tha focused on global seed heritage and seed conservation. More information at
Original Article
a small work from last year
Also posted on the studio blog is the story of a post Patternbank did on my work last month.

And if you really like visual tumbling the go to seed capsules for views of  my work in amongst an eclectic tour of the globe!

        paintbrushes are calling! have a very good week won't you!

ps: have found much inspiration through tumblr, pinterest etc of late...must get back and share that here soon!


Carole said...

Sophie your new paintings are luscious! Like ice-cream and creamcicles mixed together. Yummy for the eyes.

Sophie Munns said...

Perhaps the one upside of not having enough time to paint is that one brings back fresh eyes... so thanks Carole ... glad they are lively to your eyes!

Angie Willis said...

I love the idea of your two paintings having conversation - I can almost see them leaning towards each other whispering!
We're being threatened with fracking in the UK too - when, oh when will the world realize that we can't keep taking everything for ourselves and leaving nothing for our fellow inhabitants, the animals, sea life and natural world. How can we possibly imagine that we can keep this ridiculous raping of the earth just to feed our machines up before the whole thing collapses around us! You might be interested in this site - The site is being re-designed but re-opening on 29th March.

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Angie,
thanks and i must say I really find it impossible not to feel pretty much as you do.
Business as usual at this time it most certainly isn't.
Look forward to seeing the website when it goes the meantime I'm linked to the FB Page... so I hope to talk with you further.

I read about the coffee industry in Vietnam before... the country's biggest export. Farmers had no idea their practices were so destructive to eco... now organisations have stepped in to sort that out to continue the industry to keep up to global demand.
After fuel coffee is the next biggest industry... and yet so unsustainable in lots of places. Chocolate too or cacao!
Every industry is in dire straights... every time the environment has been ignored.
Will catch you soon,
thanks for this!

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Don't you always have conversations with your paintings? It's all well that they should talk too! xox Corrine (visit my new site)

Sophie Munns said...

Congrats on the new blog Corrine!
Ive wondered about using wordpress for a website as I know many swear by it... but I am so accustomed to blogger...its an old friend!
Well..lets see what the paintings have to say today!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

These paint brushes are flying...beautiful. I visited your studio blog and left smiling...again beautiful! It's been a great visit!

Sophie Munns said...

lovely to hear from you!
Feels good to be painting not "for" something this week... and so the paintbrushes feel lighter and happier to be adventuring in unknown directions...letting them do the talking!
Thank you!

badlydrawngirl said...

Once again your paintings speak to me. I totally agree Sophie, the brushes are lighter and happier when we paint without a cause, turn to the wind and set sail!! ps Not sure if you remember my 10 metre drawing? Anyway its taken a new direction as well....Great to hear from you. Regards Meagan

Caterina Giglio said...

oh Sophie, whenever I work on a show, I always fantasize that my pieces are having conversations with each other... they always look like each other, like siblings... in fact I have always viewed my work like creative offspring, I want them to go out and find good homes! lol! xo

KatrinaRecycled said...

Love it Sophie! I too work on more than one piece at a time and find that they bounce off one another.
I too also wonder sometimes whether to stay with blogger but its so comfortable!

Anonymous said...

Nice work Sophie! I love your comment about how they are talking to each other. It is interesting to ponder how your move to work outside might be influencing your work. It will be interesting to see how this all turns out in your final pieces. On a side note, we are having an early spring but...the weather is inconsistent.Cheers!

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Love the work Sophie! Hope you have a great day painting !!

Shell said...

Sounds lovely indeed! Isn't it nice now that the sun has decided to shine some more? Yes, the election was a nightmare huh? I don't even know what to say about it, except 'ugh'. I'm gonna go check out your other blog!

Robyn said...

love your work Sophie