Thursday, December 29, 2011

freshening things up!

well... its that time of the year for me when I am deliberately not thinking about the usual things and instead taking time to freshen up ... whether that be living spaces, recipes, clothes or even blog headers!

Getting my toes into the water... taking time to enjoy swimming over summer... always has a way of adding to the sense of being refreshed. When on a good thing go for it I think!

a photo I took a few years ago

I'm reminded of a post I did ages ago... by some odd google fate it happens to be the second most visited post I have ever done... on swimming. Curious that!

this is one of the photos that was in that post!


How about you? Anyone else out there in this mode at present? Or are you snuggled up reading books by the fire...out hiking around the country side or away on a holiday! I know some will be no doubt working away on a project of two ... whatever you're doing I hope it's pleasant and that the new years is approaching with some anticipation of good things to come.

I decided to take on a project I've been meaning to do for some time for my mother who's earned many stars for all she has contributed to me. She's off exploring the country and catching up with various ones... so I'm painting/recreating her bedroom in her 1930's timber house which I did a makeover on years ago when I was visiting. Keeping it simple and fresh. The weather's mild so what better time to get up on ladders and sweat it over the paint rollers and brushes. I hope to report a job well done before long. Its one thing to please my eye... but it is on my mind to consider what she would like... a harder task!

Now for some tumblr inspiration I am going to link you to tumblr: colours of life...

Quite a number of bloggers are also to be found at Tumblr .... its a fascinating visual world where the simple act of reblogging allows one to build up an archive according to one's whim. I particularly like knowing that I can return to my tumblr site and find things I wish to revisit ... and I love to see the very individual pathway that each person takes through this visual realm.

I have a tendency to eclectica... but still there are themes within that. Others curate very singular thematic material. It does not matter what approach one takes... that not the point! I think it is a wonderful visual panorama that is endless and yet it is soulful and particular... depending on the site.

Colours of life often attracts my eye when I'm visiting the dashboard behind tumblr. A colour is often the focus ... visit to the archive will reveal this as you go back through the months... and what I like is being reminided tht even if you choose a colour like blue in this case...there are so many versions of blue and directions one can take.

Yesterday when choosing the paint I was going to go for a green... but I started to feel more unsure the longer I considered all the greens that in the end I went to a totally different colour altogether... so stay tuned for more on that!


burned package sent to Henry T. Hopkins

burned package sent to Henry T. Hopkins


Habu via Coloursknits

Habu via Coloursknits


Arthur Dove (1880-1946) [+]
Silver Sun,  1929
Oil, metallic paint, and wax (?) on canvas 55.3 x 74.9 cm (21 3/4 x 29 1/2 in.) Signed and dated verso, top stretcher bar: Silver Sun / 1929 Dove Alfred Stieglitz Collection, 1949.531
Arthur Dove (1880-1946) [+]
Silver Sun, 1929
Oil, metallic paint, and wax (?) on canvas
55.3 x 74.9 cm (21 3/4 x 29 1/2 in.)
Signed and dated verso, top stretcher bar: Silver Sun / 1929 Dove
Alfred Stieglitz Collection, 1949.531


Blue Flower Vase (by mitch kimball)

Blue Flower Vase (by mitch kimball)


Tyson Reeder“Blue Wasteoid”. 2007Acrylic, nail polish, ballpoint pen14 x 11 inches

Tyson Reeder
“Blue Wasteoid”. 2007
Acrylic, nail polish, ballpoint pen
14 x 11 inches

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original watercolour via louiseestart buy here on etsy

original watercolour via louiseestart buy here on etsy

Flora Douville

Well...I'm off now to get going with the interior painting! Enjoy your week everyone! 
S x


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I miss you but I am trying to freshen up things in my studio. Peace, Mary Helen

ronnie said...

I'm like you sophie - doing the annual round up, thinking about the year ahead and undertaking some bloggy renovations..... ahhh feels good to freshen up doesn't it?! happy new year to you - hope 2012 is great!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Nice to see the swimming! We have sunny days but too cool for a swim. Your blue choices are wonderful and what shade was your final choice for your mother's walls? Happy New Year!

Printed Material said...

Gosh Sophie I feel like I'm reading my own thought processes here! I have been thinking about changes both on and off the blog so your words resonate with me. I'm going to check out the tumblr site and have to finish with a thumbs up for the new header. I love that phrase 'visual eclectica'... and think it sums you up accurately. Thanks to your visual eclectica I get to see some very interesting images so keep going in 2012!

Janis said...

Oh Sophie, I love this place, you inspire me so. Water, blues... that cup! That's the breakfast cup I've been looking for ;) ...and as far as water goes, hot showers are the thing for me as you know it's winter here! Love all your references to water and blues - so much a part of who you are. Time for me to click all your links!

Wishing more adventure and success in 2012. Happiness...So glad you're here... XXOO

Sophie Munns said...

Hello everyone... such gorgeous comments and well wishes!
I just wrote a long response and then it froze... so I have deleted it and will instead make a point of visiting you rather than commenting here.
Sounds like you are all at home like me and rethinking, pondering , playing with things...
best wishes to all...especially for New years and the fresh possibilities that a new years brings!!!
Abundant blessings in 2012!
S xo

Velma said...

yes, it is a time to ruminate. if only i could swim (i miss swimming laps) but i do walk, almost daily, even on break. today it was cheek chilling cold, and i was grateful for my new warm boots. so cold and crisp you could see the molecules sparkling through the blue sky. almost.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful new blog header, and happy house-painting - I hope it's going well! And a very happy new year to you too... I'm looking forward to following your adventures in 2012!

em said...

i hope you show us a photo of the room! I love all the blue things in this post!