Thursday, May 19, 2011

sources of inspiration...


I just posted this lovely painting, and more like it, at the Homage blog... click on heading above to read the post and see more of Sharmon's work with her accompanying text. I wrote to the artist as I was keen to share it and she kindly gave me permission.

Secret garden
Painting: ‘Secret Garden’ by Sharmon Davidson - True adventures of an art addict

whilst at Tumber I found these as well....

I have added a small excerpt below from artist Gina Adam's website which I must say I was really taken with as it touches on preoccupations of my own very eloquently ... the artist's statement is well worth reading in full if this speaks to you.

In my studio process, I examine through the making of art, my relationship with history, world mythology and creation myths that are both mine and others, and which relate to my immediate world. Chris Ofili in a conversation with Thelma Golden said that the more one talks about things that the more they become mythical. He says, “It is possible through belief, help, and friendship to liberate yourself and go to another place where you are accepted. That is what painting can be about. That through making paintings you get to a better place; you get to be a better painter.” (Golden 2003)

Gina Adams - series: Divination

Ive been working with blues, browns and light colours of late...  perhaps why this tugged at me to post it.

Tumblr is a pathway to so many rich worlds...  I just happened to see the first image by Gina Adams in a tiny image on the archives page at Neutral Notes. That tiny little image compelled me to reblog it and then later add it to this site and in doing so discover the website of the artist.... where I found a certain kinship in ideas ... as I did with the work on the source form Sharmon. Worlds within worlds.


Thale cress flower showing early ovule and pollen development (20X magnification) taken at School of Life Sciences, Oxford Brookes University in Oxford, England Picture: DR. JOHN RUNIONS / BARCROFT MEDIA (via Nikon Small World 2010 competition: photographs through the microscope - Telegraph)
Thale cress flower showing early ovule and pollen development (20X magnification) taken at School of Life Sciences, Oxford Brookes University in Oxford, England Picture: DR. JOHN RUNIONS / BARCROFT MEDIA (via Nikon Small World 2010 competition: photographs through the microscope - Telegraph)


John Coburn
John Coburn

 found at tumblr: artpropelled


nice. minus the chair.
batixa:baskets as wall art |


pictografica: Ann Hamilton. Between taxonomy and communion 1990. Steel table, iron oxide powder, and approximately 14,000 human and animal teeth.

pictografica: Ann Hamilton. Between taxonomy and communion 1990. Steel table, iron oxide powder, and approximately 14,000 human and animal teeth.
well ... better go... dinner's on the table...its chilly tonight...something smells very good... and I didn't have to cook it!


Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

I enjoyed looking at both sites today.... & your beautiful website! Loved those journal pages...ahhh...loved it all!

Sophie Munns said...

Merci Sally!
By now I imagine you are in your French village and establishing a new routine.
Your kind words are most appreciated ... the website was looking quite forlorn ... in need a spring clean!
Will be over to see what you have been up to v soon!

Anonymous said...

The images are amazing but...the real tidbit was the artist statement. So true, so true. That is why I make art. It is a magical land where I fit and can design it the way I need it and want it to be! xoxxo

Sophie Munns said...

interesting challenge to write an artist statement that nails what one does and yet more than that... engages readers in their own reverie!
Mmm... food for thought.. glad you liked the works Mary!

annamaria said...

Thank you for all the inspiration Sophie. I was thinking of you yesterday, I was over checking out Ted Talks(a very favorite site!) and I happened upon a new talk on the building of the Seed Cathedral- I watched it again today- loved the whole talk and the project immensly- the architect explains his creative process so very clearly- really,really exciting stuff- I was wondering if you have seen it and what you thought-

Sophie Munns said...

So glad you told me about this TED talk Annamaria... have not seen it... interestingly I downloaded photos to my homage blog last night of the Seed cathedral ... an old post where some photos had disappeared... and needed replacing!
I have to watch it! And blog it!
Merci ,
S xo

rivergardenstudio said...

Dear Sophie, I am enchanted by everything you share here, from your life source that is a seed and how it resonates in what you love to each artist that you share with us! Thank you for this beauty. roxanne

eden said...

Hi Sophie,

So pleased to come across your beautiful site. Will definitely keep coming back! Remember me from another life or two back? Eden (have also emailed you)

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Roxanne,
Thank you for these thoughts and kind words... it is interesting to find that certain kinship with others in this connection to the seed of things - and the process of becoming!
I hope maybe we will have more people everywhere "falling in love" with this idea of that which is coming into being... our world really depends on us now to drag our interest away somewhat from the highly finished product waiting on shelves to buy and consume... to more reverence and involvement in the nature of things... essentials!

Hi Eden,
I'm so delighted to find your email and message here... never forgotten... lapsed connection, over a couple of decades, is all! Shall really look forward to being in touch!

nathalie et cetera said...

Hi Sophie! You always have such great finds! Love to visit your tumblr too!

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Nathalie ...
how are you... hope spring is in full force in Montreal?
Must pop over very soon!

Artist said...

Sophie, Inspirational as usual. I do LOVE your blog and all its avenues of interest. Thankyou,

iNd!@nA said...

i've covered a table with tiny stones before...but teeth

an extraordinary thing.

Sophie Munns said...

THanks Sharon,
Such a lot to discover when the moments of time are there to piece it together for a post it is quite a tonic for a lover of the eclectic!
Best to you over there,

Ah yes India,,,the teeth.... curious! Im thinking seeds... of course my young students would say!

Mlle Paradis said...

Hey S.! Sorry I've been keeping quite the lo profile lately! I feel something percolating here.....looking forward to seeing a new "passage" upcoming. Looking forward to the winter's bounty!

Sophie Munns said...

some weeks are so like that MP!
Cocooning is a good thing ... has its place! Im having a to much else to do kind of week here... really should post something...but hey... list of things to do keeps growing!
...Mmmm maybe something is ready to start coming through...and with you... no doubt somethings cooking!

em said...

i had to send that table with the teeth to my daughter right away... she loves collections! i love the juxtaposition of science and art, which is beautiful yet disturbing! bravo!

Sophie Munns said...

Ah yes... amd hope she had a lovely birthday recently too Em.
The teeth are something yes?